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The Hand of F.A.T.E. – Meet the characters

F.A.T.E. is the Fortean Artifact Tracking Extension.  The Hand of F.A.T.E. is a team comprised of five individuals.  They are:

Index is the leader, born and raised in Iowa; Chris DeHart is a former Army Ranger.  His discipline is Tae Kwon Do.  Dark-haired and fit, Chris’ record has more “classified” holes than not.  If there were a real world equivalent of Captain America, it would be Chris DeHart

Middle is the weapons expert.  Adam St. George is English aristocracy.  Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Adam never wanted for anything as a child.  Slight of stature and small in frame, Adam was constantly picked on in school.  Adam’s parents hired the best martial arts coaches money could buy.  Adam excelled in unarmed combat.  However when it was time to begin training in weapons disciplines, Adam found his calling.  He can field strip (weapon) in a completely dark room.  His personal philosophy is why put yourself in danger by being close to the enemy if you can deal with the situation from a distance.  Adam considers it a failure if the opposition gets close enough to his team that unarmed combat becomes necessary.

Ringer, an Israeli, is the infiltration expert.  Batia Sharett is the only member of the team who was previously employed by an intelligence organization.  Spotted early on she was recruited by Mossad directly out of college.  Trained in every aspect of the intelligence community, Batia excelled in covert infiltrations.  Her curvaceous features belie her ability to become just about anyone.  She can be a runway model one day and homeless person the next.  Neither she nor Chris acknowledges the mutual attraction each feels for the other.  They are professionals first, maybe someday, but for now their sole focus is the job at hand.

Pinky is transportation/logistics, Angel Blackburn.  Small, petite, Angel is more at home underneath a piece of classic Detroit iron than she is in a boutique.  She can drive, pilot, or helm nearly any form of Terran transportation.  She keeps her blonde hair short because it’s easier to keep clean. She’s also the person who can find the necessary items to implement the team’s plans.  If the team is in the middle of an arctic snowstorm and needs dry firewood, Angel can find it.

Thumb is tech support and the backbone of the team.  The son of Chinese immigrants to America, Shunyuan Liao (his family is from the Jiangxi province of China and he has westernized his name) is better known by his online identity Ectoplasm67.  S.L., as he is called by his “meatspace” friends, is an ubergeek.  Not content with state of the art tech, he builds and/or jury rigs his own.  His home-built system is something Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would kill for.  Give him a cell phone and access to the net, S.L. can hack into just about anything.  S.L. takes the meaning of his given name seriously, (Shunyuan is Chinese for “follow to the source”) he combs the net looking for trouble spots.  A black-belt in Kung Fu, S.L. can handle himself in the field.  Despite the fact that S.L. looks and sounds like the clichéd geek, he is fit.  If there’s a movie/comic/tv/pop culture reference to be made, S.L. will make it.

Berin Livingston Harwell is the palm that directs the Hand.  Mysterious and aloof, this grizzled, world-weary, facilitator is the man who brings the team together.

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