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Ending a crappy month with fizzle.

Today was supposed to be a calm relaxing day.  We shut down the can company for a family day together.  PIT#1’s High School show choir was preforming in Sumner at 10:50am.  She took off at 7:00am to ride the bus.  At 8:45 I went out to start the Beast.  Couldn’t get it going.  Dad came over to jump start it.  We finally got it running and took off only 20 minutes late.

Headed off to Sumner.  We arrived five minutes after GC Jazz had finished their set.  Missed PIT#1’s preformance because of the Beast. *sigh*  Oh well not a problem, we still have 1hr 45mins to get from Sumner to Waterloo for Tae Kwon Do testing since it’s about a 45 minute drive we figure we have time to get lunch.

Left the High School building and went out to start the car.  Nothing. Nada. Zip.  The Beast refused to start, yet again.  Managed to flag down a fellow GC Jazz parent.  Spent 20 minutes trying to jumpstart the Beast with no luck.  By this time our HS bus had already left so we couldn’t ride back with the rest of the show choir.  Erica’s Mom volunteered to take as many folks to Tae Kwon Do in her car as she could, she had room for two.  Sent PIT #1 and PIT #2 off to Waterloo while Mrs. VS, PIT #3 and I tried to make alternate arrangements.

My folks had car trouble of their own and couldn’t come get us.  Spotted the bus for Waterloo High School that was near the Tae Kwon Do Academy.  I figured if I could get a ride there, then I could at least get testing in today and hitch a ride back to town with fellow students.  The Columbus High Sailors were gracious enough to not only give us a ride to Waterloo but we were taken directly to the Academy.

Go Sailors

Got to the Academy only 10 minutes late.  This wasn’t much of a problem as the ATA official was running late.  Testing began, we tested pretty well in my opinion despite my strained left arm.  I’ll know more next Friday, results will be posted here.

During testing PIT #1 (a current red belt) needed to break some boards.  I was chosen as one of the board holders.  PIT#1 kicked wrong and caught my strained arm.  Hurts.  She lost all concentration and was unable to break the board.  The ATA official saw what happened and didn’t count that attempt.

Mrs. VS has been pretty tired, the stress of the Beast not co-operating, frustrations on the day hasn’t done her much good.  Monday we find out how well she’s healing and when we start chemo.

Tomorrow I’ll try to write something about Goober and Sunday morning’s puppet skit.

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Good News!!!

rib4The day started off rather auspicious; The Beast (as it as been unaffectionately named) refused to start.  Dad and I couldn’t get the it jumped.  He handed me his keys and told me to take Mrs. VS to see the oncologist in his Bravada, he forgot to tell me it needed gas.  As we neared Waterloo I noticed the car was on E, pulled into gas station to fill it up.  It took me five minutes to pump $.09 worth.  The pumps were froze.  If I believed in omens I would’ve felt that we were not going to get good news from the Doc

Got Mrs. VS to the doctor only 20 minutes late.  Doc S. (the oncologist, names have been changed to protect the innocent), saw us immediately.  Last week’s PET and MRI showed no additional cancer in the system.  He misunderstood Mrs. VS’s misgivings about chemo as reluctance to take it.  Rather she is concerned with how it will affect her ability to do her job.

We spent a good hour with Doc S’s nurse.  She explained the side affects, benefits, and answered our questions.  Chemo will start  just as soon as Doc D. (the breast cancer specialist) removes the drains, installs the shunt, and clears Mrs. VS to continue.

Chemo is tentatively slated to begin Feb 6.  Stay tuned for more info.

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