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Stump the Vulcan: Ask me anything.

Play stump the Vulcan.
Ask me anything. click the link..

This little game has garnered some response.  Here’s some recent questions and my answers. 

What was the worst place you’ve traveled to?
Some sleazy hotel on Mackinac Island. They gave us a wonderful view of their garbage dumpster and then proceeded to steal from our luggage while we were in town.

Who’s the sexiest woman alive?
My wife.

Who do you think should be the next president of the United States?
Nope, I refuse to get drawn into that argument with three years left on the current administration.

You’ve just manifested a super power. What is it and how would you really use it?
I have the super-human ability to put people to sleep by just talking to them. With these powers I could be… a superhero. I’d fight crime, protect the innocent… work for world peace. But first. …

If you had to throw away either your TV or your computer, which would you choose?
TV in stone cold second. I can watch DVDs on my computer, I can watch most TV shows on my computer. I cannot write my fiction on the TV.

Do people expect you to have a Vulcan demeanor, given that you have that username?
I’ve been writing the character of Stev the Vulcan for the better part of two decades. Folks do expect a cliché Vulcan demeanor, but then Stev is anything but the cliché Vulcan.

If I gave you a big budget and put you in charge of producing a new Star Trek TV series, what could I expect?
An anthology series. This week we might have a show about the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Next week we might have an all Klingon Episode. What happened to the crew of the USS Voyager after it got home? There’s endless possibilities.

What household chore do hate to do the most?
Dishes. Standing at the sink for too long makes my back hurt.

How much does a sliver deck cost for magic the gathering?
Google lists them from $20 to $59.99

What’s your favorite game you’ve never played?
That would have to be Munchkin.

If you could only listen to one song for the next month, which would it be?
The Sound of Silence

What did you eat for breakfast today?
Nothing. That’s normal.

Do you want to be buried or cremated?
Don’t know. Don’t care. I’ll be dead. Do whatever is cheapest.

What was your first paying job?
Paper carrier for the Des Moines Register

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Husband, Father, Geek

What did you dream about last night?
Actually, I dream about the stories I’m currently working on.

If you could only read one magazine for the rest of your life, which would it be?
One magazine? Whatever I pick it’s gonna be pretty dog-eared after 40 years.

Mambo dogface down the banana patch?
A mad Fonda be Abe than chomp cag town or Steve Martin.  Take your pick.

If you could go on vacation for the next month with an unlimited budget, where would you go?
My beloved wife has never been to Hawaii? She’s been to the other 49 states.

Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains?
Which one has the better WiFi?

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The view from my chair: What have I been doing?

Role playing isn’t necessarily always about rolling dice.  Sometimes it as simple as sitting down and going “What if….”

Somebody asked me in an e-mail, why I haven’t been writing as much RPG stuff at the blog as I used to.  I replied with my stock answer that life has been busier with the “new job” (been there a year now), Mrs. VS’s cancer recovery, and PIT’s (now Pvt. Black Spartan) graduation from High School and Basic training.  Yes my time has more demands on it now that I am no longer self-employed (I do have a commute), but I seem to spend just as much time at the computer now as I did a year ago.

I got to thinking about this and realized that I’m still involved with RPG, I’m just not blogging about as much as I used to.  I’m playing in a bi-weekly 4e game at my FLGS (The Core).  I’m currently playing a semi-bi-weekly Top Secret game with my gaming group.  I’ve been playing a genetically enhanced human in an online Klingon RPG and I’ve been working on some of my fiction, which in itself is a form of RPG.  I’ve also been playing Wizards 101 which is not RPG but a very fun game for kids and adults.

The Klingon RPG is set up where the Commander of roleplay issues orders.  You then have two months to write a short RP about what your character did.  If you are interested the URL is  Tell ’em Chris DeHart sent you.

Stev is my nom de plume.  He also happens to be a character that I have been writing fan/fiction about for the better part of twenty years.  I’ve dusted off some of the older stories and have been writing some new stuff.  Until I get the new stuff finished, I’ve been posting the older stories.

My short stories are available over at I’ve currently got four stories posted.

The Stitch: A Section 31 Agent must travel back in time to the 21st century to prevent a corruption of the timeline.

Return to Glory: The story of Stev and T’Aiya meeting someone who plays a very large role in their future.

Shore Leave: Stev realizes who his soul mate is but does she feel the same way about him?

Down Time: Stev recalls the ‘accident’ which changed his life forever.

This last one isn’t strictly speaking RPG.  But I will answer any all questions asked, Play stump the Vulcan.  Ask me anything. click the link..

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