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RPGBN Shared World Open Invitation: Cities & Dungeons

bloggeriaMy invitations are bearing fruit.  Shent Lodge over at the World of Alidor has graciously donated use of his wandering city Cork.  This introduces the next open invitation.  Do you have a cool city that you’d like to see used?  An awesome dungeon that’s gathering dust somewhere?  Let me know the link and I’ll get it added to to the page for Ayuhwa

This invitation is open to all readers of the network.

Why am I doing this? because there is all sorts of creativity across the readership of the network, and not everyone signed up for the world build.

Is having a blog a requirement? No I am extending this invitation to all readers.

Please note that this invitation applies to the land of Ayuhwa only and is covered under the Creative Commons License.  You retain all copyrights to your creation.

Ongoing invitations:
Unique Magical Items
Super Heroes to join the ranks of the Watchmen of the Justice Avengers

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RPGBN Shared World Project: An Open Invitation

rpgbnmapsmallThis is a very exciting project and I’m proud to be a part of it. However I’ve seen some remorse across the Network along the lines of “Shoot I missed the boat on this one. Towards that end, I am opening up Ayuhwa for some shared input. Would you like to contribute unique magical items available only in your home country and in shops in Ayuhwa? Do you have a city your aching to share with others but you missed the deadline for your own country? Would you like to contribute something to this project even though you’re not part of the world build?

Towards that end I am opening up the borders of Ayuhwa (with some restrictions). For example: The Watchmen of the Justice Avengers has their Hall of Justice located in Ayuhwa, even though the Dungeon Masteris the only Ayuhwa native. You can still contribute your own hero to the mix.

I’ll be holding open invitations for contributions. This is open to all members and readers of the network and will be protected under the Creative Commons License. Your contributions will be used in Ayuhwa (and your corner of the world if you have one). All credit for your contribution will remain with you.

The first invitation is unique magical items. I’ll be officially posting that invitation tomorrow.

Upcoming invites: Cities, Monsters, landmarks, other cool things by suggestion

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