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Nobis: Looking at the Religion.

nobisNobis is a new game coming out soon from Pantheon Press.  The Database is participating in a pre-release overview of some of the aspects of the game.  The Database is looking at the Religions used in the game.

The gods of Nobis are powerful beings native to the planet who have ascended to godhood.  These beings went to war with each other and sundered the pantheon back in Nobis’ past.  This sundering has fractured the pantheon and caused a great power loss amongst the gods of Nobis.

The role of religions in Nobis is more of a reflection of our own 21st century.  After reading the book I can only assume that this was intentional.  The gentler aspects of faith, are people who provide help in times of disaster and shelter those in need, just as we see in today’s world.  The followers of the crueler aspects of a deity can and will perpetrate atrocities in the name of their god.

The unique thing about religion and deities in Nobis is that each god has a duality.  For example:

Geranda, the goddess of knowledge is split amongst the duality of beneficial knowledge and the secrets that men keep in their souls.  The Lawful Neutral clerics and priests of Geranda love Knowledge and education.  Her Lawful Evil followers revel in the gossip, lies and destructive knowledge that lurks in the hearts and minds of man.

The gods of Nobis are still at war with each other.  They fight with each over the one thing they value, followers and true believers.  This in-fighting keeps the pantheon preoccupied.  It also keeps them from interfering too much in the day-to-day affairs of the common-folk.

The churches of each deity cover the range of social stratus and reasons for being in church.  The truly faithful gather together for worship.  The socialites gather together to be seen.  The government infiltrates to spy on them both.  The government wants to keep the churches open for the benefits they bring to society but does not want the churches or the gods gaining or regaining too much power.

I’ve read through the rulebook.  My first take on Nobis is a high-fantasy D&D-like game set in the early to mid 20th century.  I look forward to playing in or running a game.

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