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Goober’s Words of Wisdom: an update

gooberGoober has been pretty active during the blog’s enforced hiatus.  Back in April Goober and his friends where the main entertainment at Steamboat Rock’s Easter Egg hunt.  This summer the puppet team opened for Sheltered Reality at the Central Iowa Fair.  We’ve been doing our weekly “helping” Pastor Gary illustrate his Sunday morning sermons.

New Hope Fellowship has taken a struggling urban Waterloo church under her wing.  Starting next week Goober and his friends will be packing everything up and running a Wednesday evening program for the  kids at New Straightway.  Goober will be back at it on Wednesdays at New Hope Fellowship Wednesday September 9 and then again on the 23rd.  He’ll be at New Straightway on September 16 and then on the 30th.

Sunday, however, Goober was helping Pastor Gary illustrate kindness.  Goober, Ricky, and Mickey were building a trap for Hannah.  The boys had out their fishing pole, capture net, bazooka, baseball bat, and pizza to bait the trap.  Pastor Gary looked on wide-eyed as the boys built their trap.

Knowing full well it was probably useless to ask, Pastor Gary asked anyway, “Goober what are doing?”

“Building a trap for Hannah,” was the reply.

After a double-take and a quick survey of Goober’s instruments of torture, Pastor Gary asked Goober if building a trap for Hannah was the best way to illustrate kindness.  Shocked, Goober nodded his head enthusiastically.

“Oh yes, Pastor Gary.  We’re not using the lion as part of the trap.  That way Hannah won’t be torn to shreds.”

Pastor Gary managed to convince Goober, Ricky and Mickey that although, yes, it was nice of them to not include the lion in the trap, building the trap in the first place was not displaying kindness.

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