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Goober’s Words of Wisdom: an update

gooberGoober has been pretty active during the blog’s enforced hiatus.  Back in April Goober and his friends where the main entertainment at Steamboat Rock’s Easter Egg hunt.  This summer the puppet team opened for Sheltered Reality at the Central Iowa Fair.  We’ve been doing our weekly “helping” Pastor Gary illustrate his Sunday morning sermons.

New Hope Fellowship has taken a struggling urban Waterloo church under her wing.  Starting next week Goober and his friends will be packing everything up and running a Wednesday evening program for the  kids at New Straightway.  Goober will be back at it on Wednesdays at New Hope Fellowship Wednesday September 9 and then again on the 23rd.  He’ll be at New Straightway on September 16 and then on the 30th.

Sunday, however, Goober was helping Pastor Gary illustrate kindness.  Goober, Ricky, and Mickey were building a trap for Hannah.  The boys had out their fishing pole, capture net, bazooka, baseball bat, and pizza to bait the trap.  Pastor Gary looked on wide-eyed as the boys built their trap.

Knowing full well it was probably useless to ask, Pastor Gary asked anyway, “Goober what are doing?”

“Building a trap for Hannah,” was the reply.

After a double-take and a quick survey of Goober’s instruments of torture, Pastor Gary asked Goober if building a trap for Hannah was the best way to illustrate kindness.  Shocked, Goober nodded his head enthusiastically.

“Oh yes, Pastor Gary.  We’re not using the lion as part of the trap.  That way Hannah won’t be torn to shreds.”

Pastor Gary managed to convince Goober, Ricky and Mickey that although, yes, it was nice of them to not include the lion in the trap, building the trap in the first place was not displaying kindness.

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Goober’s Words of Wisdom 4-26-09

gooberToday Pastor talked about Peter’s reinstatement as written about in John chapter 21.  His sermon title was “Preparing Peter for Penetecost.”  Goober, Ricky and Mickey figured that Pastor Gary was pulling a Seasame Street.  So Goober and the boys pulled out most of their toys and began handing them to Pastor Gary. 

Pastor Gary did not understand as Goober handed up his piano, a Patton Tank, a pair of pants, pumpkins, pizza boxes, a picture book, a PC, a present, a Plymouth, a pipe, and his pet Peter Rabbit.  When asked by Pastor Gary, Goober looked at the congregation and said “Pastor’s Sermon is brought to you today by the letter ‘P'”.

Pastor and Goober then add-libbed a five minute alliteration that I wish we had taped.

Pastor Gary managed to get the high points of outlined using mainly ‘P’ words.  Goober managed to ask intelligent again using mainly ‘P’ words.  Ricky and Mickey kept interjecting random ‘P’ words.  Ricky kept handing up props and calling the by some ‘P’ equivalent.

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Goober’s Words of Wisdom: 4-19-2009

gooberThis morning, Pastor Gary’s sermon came from John 20:24-31, the story of Jesus appearing to Thomas after the Resurrection.  Goober of course heard one line of the sermon and ran with it.

Goober, Ricky, and Mickey formed the “S-Files” branch of the FBI for the investigation of Strange occurences.  They brought along Goober’s PI kit and his laptop and began their investigation.

During the course of the investigation, Ricky determined that it was not all that strange to walk through walls as anyone could do it if they used a door.  Goober declared the case solved and began packing up.

Pastor Gary then reminded the boys that Jesus entered the room through the locked door.  Goober declared that the case was then not solved and ordered Ricky and Mickey to go fingerprint the door.  Happy to be doing something the brothers scampered off.  Goober wondered about climbing in through a window.  After explaining to Goober that it was not a window that Jesus was not bound by the physical laws in his glorified body, Goober wondered how a good man like Jesus would go around breaking laws.  Pastor Gary then told Goober it might be a good idea to listen to the sermon.

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Goobers Words of Wisdom: 4-5-09

gooberIn celebration of Palm Sunday, Pastor Gary’s sermon was a monologue/skit of Peter’s thoughts from Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gesthemane through his denial and until Jesus forgave him after the resurrection.

Goober, Ricky and Mickey were all set to celebrate Palm Sunday in style.  Ricky got out the chainsaw, Mickey pulled out the battleaxe, and Goober got his toolbox and SUV all ready to go. 

Needless to say Pastor Gary was a little confused.  Dressed in his Peter outfit and needing to continually duck the battleaxe, Pastor Gary asked Goober what was going on.

Goober explained that he and the boys were getting ready to celebrate Palm Sunday by cutting off people’s ears and then going to Florida afterwards.  Pastor Gary did a double take.  Goober then explained very quickly that cutting off people’s ears was in homage to Peter’s act of bravery in defending Jesus.  The toolbox was in case Pastor Gary couldn’t pray the ears back on, then Goober would use his staple gun to put the ears back on.

Pastor Gary, ducking the battleaxe, told Goober and the boys that Peter cutting off Malchus’ ear was not heroic and that Jesus actually scolded Peter for doing it.  After convincing all three that cutting off ears was not a good idea, Pastor Gary finally asked Goober why he had his SUV out.

Goober pulled has patented *sigh* used when Pastor Gary fails to see what Goober thinks is plainly obvious.  Goober then said it was to celebrate the day by bouncing in Florida and obviously they’d need to drive because Pastor Gary couldn’t afford airplane tickets.

“What do you mean, bouncing in Florida?” Pastor Gary asked.  “What does bouncing in Florida have to do with Palm Sunday?”

“Palm Springs, of course,” Goober replied as he, Ricky and Mickey began bouncing off stage.

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Day 73 of Being a Cancer Survivor

rib4I received an e-mail today asking why there weren’t daily updates regarding Mrs. VS.  The simple answer is that most days the update would read.  Mrs. VS got up, fixed herself breakfast.  After kids and husband left she sat down and folded laundry / played computer / cried.  She got tired and napped until kids came home / husband came home / dog woke her up.  Went to bed after supper and was rudely awakened when thoughtless husband came to bed two hours later.  Post like that would tend to get monotonous and repetitive after awhile.  I’ll be updating weekly unless there’s Earth-Shattering news….  Today qualifies as Earth Shattering.

First status in Mrs VS’s own words….

Being that I have both chemo and cold it is hard to tell what symptoms are from what. I just feel cruddy. Obviously the cold has me feeling congested and occasionally hacking up yucky stuff. I’ve also faced headache, and earaches. At first I faced some sore throat too. Other symptoms I have had are constipation, nausea, unsteadiness on my feet, some disorientation/confusion. My vision has been a little weird and nothing tastes right. Not even water. My jaw and teeth seem to have tightened, flossing has become difficult. Although I haven’t lost any hair yet my head does feel wierd, my hair seems coarser and my head itches frequently. I have also noticed I have become very sun sensitive. I walked the dog once and that is all it took to get a sunburn. I need to make sure I use sunscreen even on cloudy days. Tired is another thing I feel alot. Some of my meds even cause drowsiness. Anyway, the treatment for chemo seems to be to get plenty of liquid and plenty of rest. The way to beat a cold is to drink plenty of liquid and get plenty of rest. It seems the course for me right now is to get plenty of liquid and plenty of rest.

Today when I came home from my bar run, Mrs. VS was feeling VERY depressed.  She was considering leaving us and going away because she was feeling useless.  She doesn’t think she’s being much help with the Can Company.  She knows she’s not being much help with the puppet team.  She can’t help me out with open game night when she’s feeling sick.  She was just feeling useless.

I spent the better part of the afternoon talking with her and trying to figure out what we could do to help her feel less useless.  Mrs. VS confided in me that she had been asked by a co-worker to come to the co-worker’s church and help out with their deaf ministry, Mrs. VS is an interpreter for the Deaf by trade.  She politely turned them down thinking that because I’m involved with the Children’s programs at our own church, she wouldn’t be able to attend a different church on regular basis without causing some problems.

There currently is no deaf ministry at our church and honestly I can’t think of any deaf people in our community.  So I discussed this with the Senior Pastor.  His solution was rather elegant.  Rather than making a big deal about Mrs. VS leaving our church to attend elsewhere, he wants to officially send her out as a missionary from our church to the church with the Deaf Ministry.  She’ll still be part of our church just doing what she does best at a place that actually needs her skills.

Mrs. VS brightened immediately at this suggestion.  I haven’t seen a smile on her face since she started the chemo.  Thanks Pastor Gary for taking what could have been a problem and turning it into something positive.

Unless there is something major, I’ll post again next week Friday.  Check my Twitter Feed or Facebook for listings of new posts.  I know that there are lot of folks that check this blog for updates about Mrs. VS but don’t really care to read about my RPG stuff.

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Goober’s Words of Wisdom: 3-15-09


Pastor continued his sermon series on the miracles of Jesus.  This week Pastor Gary choose the healing of the ten lepers as told in Luke 17:11-19.  Goober free-associated this to coincide with the upcoming holiday.

Goober assumed that March 17th was the day that Jesus healed the ten leper-cons.  He, Ricky, and Mickey started off by throwing out Leper-con Day candy.  The popped up wearing green derbys, green bow-ties, and speaking in the worst Leper-con accents heard this side of the Atlantic.

Pastor Gary tried his best to reign in the antics, but every time he mentioned that leperosy was a disease, Goober agreed with him.  “Yes, Pastor Gary, Leper-see is when clovers grow out of your head.  Saint Patrick cured all the Leper-cons in Ireland in honor of Jesus’ healing of the ten Leper-cons.

After much explaining Pastor was able to convince Goober that the lepers Jesus healed had nothing to do with St. Patrick, Ireland or March 17th.

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Goober’s Words of Wisdom 3-8-09

gooberThis morning, Pastor’s sermon was from Matthew 17:24-27.  The story about Peter pulling his Jesus’s temple tax from the mouth of a fish that he had just caught.

Goober and Ricky thought that was just wa-a-ay too cool.  They promptly thought it was a good method to make some money.  Goober got his fishing pole and Ricky got his net.  The boys attempted to go fishing in the sanctuary.

Much hilarity ensued as the congregation began putting things on the end of the line for Goober and Ricky to catch.  After losing control of the whole situation, Pastor managed to “reel” the whole thing back on topic.

After telling the boys that this was a miracle and not an everyday occurrence, Pastor was able to convince Goober and Ricky that catching fish for the money in their mouths was not a good business plan.  Unconvinced, Pastor Gary at least managed to convince the boys that the sanctuary was not the best place to catch fish.  Goober and Ricky left in high spirits yo go catch fish in the puddles outside.

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Goober’s Word’s of Wisdom: 3-1-09

gooberSunday morning 3-1-09, Pastor’s sermon was about Jesus being the Bread of Life.  His scripture was Mark 8:1-21, the story was about Jesus feeding the 4,000.

Goober of course thought that Pastor Gary had invited 4,000 people to lunch after church.  Goober ordered 5 pizzas to start with.  He and Ricky argued with Pastor that there wasn’t room inside the church for 4,000 people.  Ricky brought up that the parking lot was too small for that many cars.  Goober suggested letting folks park their cars in the cornfield as there wasn’t any corn yet.

After Pastor Gary managed to convince Goober and Ricky that he had not in fact invited 4,000 people for lunch that the sermon was about Jesus feeding 4,000 people, the boys could not understand how Jesus managed to feed that many people.  Ricky wondered who delivered that much food.  Much discussion ensued over who Jesus could have called to get that much food.

After Pastor Gary explained that Jesus preformed a miracle and fed 4,000 men not including the women and children using seven loaves and few small fish, Goober was awestruck.  “That’d be like Jesus having one pizza, offering everyone a slice and feeding everyone in Grundy Center,: Goober replied.  Pastor told Goober that was about right.  Goober got the brilliant idea of letting Jesus provide the pizza for a new restaurant.

Pastor told Goober that Jesus would not honor a prayer request like that.  Pastor Gary also told  Goober that he and Ricky were welcome to the pizza since lunch was tuna-spinach casserole.

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Report on Open Game Night 2-27-09

At 6:00 pm Steve Nibbelink was at the Youth Center setting up tables, turning up the heat and making sure everything was ready to go.  By 6:30 people started arriving.  By 7:00 there were four adults, four teenagers, and six children attending open game night.  These numbers include a new family that asked questions about game night, Wednesday evening services, and Sunday services.

The teenagers and two of the children played Stargate SG-21 hosted by Steve Nibbelink, while the new family sampled the various games in the game room and played Hungry, Hungry Hippos with the other adult leader and the remaining two children.  Youth Center closed at 9:00 and everyone stayed until closing.

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Goober’s Words of Wisdom 2-15-09

owe_logo_splashThis morning’s sermoncontinued Pastor’s series on Jesus’ “Bag of Tricks”  The miracle of raising Lazurus from the dead in John 11.  Pastor entitled his sermon “Dead Man Walking”, referencing the 1996 movie by the same title.  Goober, being five had never heard of that movie.  The first thing he thought of was of course zombies.

The first thing Goober, Ricky, and Micky did was scatter red wrapping paper all over the place.  Visually exciting to be sure, but very confusing to Pastor Gary.  After explaining to Pastor Gary that they were setting a zombie trap, Goober and Ricky did their best zombie impersonations to help Pastor Gary.

Micky then thought that Goober and Ricky had in fact become zombies and got out his trusty butterfly net to capture the zombies.  Pastor Gary had a difficult time explaining to Goobergoober that Lazurus was not a zombie.  Goober had come prepared with a first aid kit to heal wounds caused by zombie bites, nets to capture zombies, and the aforementioned crinkly blood-red wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper was to both attract the zombies and warn everyone by making noise when the zombies walked all over it.

After much discussion about the habits of zombies, Pastor Gary was able to convince Goober and Ricky that Lazurus was not a zombie.

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