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RPGBN Heroes: Watchmen of the Justice Avengers – Role Call!

When the world needs saving who do you call? The Watchmen of the Justice Avengers is the RPGBN’s own Superhero Group.  This stalwart band of heroes is ready to defeat your villain, fight the injustice, protect the innocent, but more importantly spice up your hero campaign.

The WJA’s headquarters are located in Ayuhwa on the RPGBN Shared world project.  However with dimensional hopping abilities, the WJA are ready to help in your own campaign.  This project is not closed.  Leave me a link and I’ll add your hero to the roster.

Founding Membership in alphabetical order:
Ambrose – Home Base: The Nameless Kingdom
The Dungeon Master– Home Base: Vulcan Stev’s Database
Elder Lehman – Home Base: Unclebear
The Grey Wulf – Home Base: Greywulf’s Lair
Mad Brew – Home Base: Mad Brew Labs
Ravyn – Home Base: Exchange of Realities
Virii – Home Base: The Bard of Valiant

Founding Roster is now closed.  Your Hero can still be a member.  Just leave me a link.

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Gaming in the Universe of: Superman

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace so far the only review of Superman movie done by the family.

supermanlogo1Why re-invent the wheel?  There are many good RPGs centering around Superheroes.  TSR’s Marvel Super Hero game is available online as PDF, of course that’s not the Superman Universe, but heck they’re available for free.  Hero Games’ Champions, the grandaddy of all super hero RPGs is still available.  DC Heroes as published by Pulsar Games is a defunct game though the mechanics are used in their Blood of Heroes RPG.  Pinnacle Entertainment’s Necessary Evil, although not a super HERO setting does provide the rules for adding Super Heroes to your Savage Worlds campaign.  The current Super Hero RPG of choice appears to be Mutants and Masterminds, an in depth review of the game can be found at Greywulf’s Lair

The first thing we need to ask are you gaming in a generic super hero universe or one of the copyrighted ones?  I have many fond memories of playing in a Champions campaign from my high school days (no I won’t say when just know that Reagan was President when I graduated).  My GM for those days usually had Marvel and DC heroes pre-genned for folks just wanting to sit in on a game.  Though they were super heroes by the names of Supreme, Arachno-Lad, Night Stalker (a Batman clone) and Amazon (this was long before the Amalgam Universe).   In a generic universe, your Superman would be the supreme hero in that universe.  All other heroes would look to him as the ideal.  That is if you’re following the archetype right down the line.  Currently in the Marvel mainstream universe the character of the Sentry is a Superman of sorts, but his arch nemesis did a real number on him.  The character is unstable even on his best days.  The Sentry is all-powerful but is very hesitant of using his abilities.

Some ideas of how I would use a Superman character; He is the supreme hero in your universe all other heroes look up to him and follow his example, Take the Sentry route and play him as someone that doesn’t even know the extant of his powers the GM would stat out the character but not give the PC anything but the barest idea of what the character is capable of (ie let the discovery of the power base be part of the game), or I’d turn the whole Superman idea on its head, he rules your world with an iron fist and it’s up to the PCs to take him down. 

The main problem with a Superman character is coming up with credible threats against him.  Superman as an archetype doesn’t provide much of a challenge for PC.  Unless the PC had a VERY good reason for wanting to play a super man, I probably wouldn’t allow him as stated out.  As an NPC/GM-controlled character who’s lending a hand against a larger threat (ie hordes of villians) then yes.


Savage World stats for Superman

Race: Kryptonian
Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d12, Spirit d12, Strength d12+12, Vigor d12
Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d6, Intimidate d8, Notice d4, Stealth d6, Throwing d8
Charisma:+40; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 11
Hindrances: Dependant (Minor or Major) Lois Lane is the one human above all others that Supes flies half-way around the world to rescue.  Depending on which iteration of the universe, she is even Mrs. Kent;  Power Negation (Major) – Kryptonite; Weakness (Major) – Magic
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Brawny, Power Points, Take the Hit!
Gear: Supes being who he ie doesn’t usually have gear but he does have access to a wide array of Kryptonian technology in his Fortress
Super Powers: • Attack, Melee (4): +2d6 • Attack, Ranged (4): +2d6 • Fearless (2) • Flight (15) •  Heightened Senses (1) • Immunity (4) • Lair (1) • Super Attributes (5): (Super strength.) • Toughness (7): +2, Hardy

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