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Foxbat for President: What if that annoying geek from high school took over?

foxbatFoxbat a Supervillian from the Hero Universe is running for president.  You’ll need the fifth edition Hero Rules to play it straight out.  Though the set-up will work well for any Super Hero RPG.

For those you who are unfamiliar with Foxbat, imagine Bruce Wayne as a spoiled comic-book geek.  Instead of becoming a hero, Foxbat becomes a villian because it is more fun.

This setting follows the whole campaign from start to finish.  Reading through the book I was reminded of DC’s 2000 campaign to get Lex Luthor elected.  Superman had to stand idly by while his arch-nemesis took control of the country.  Your heroes won’t standing by on the sidelines but they might feel just as helpless as Supes.

Foxbat reminds me an awful lot of someone I went to school with.  I’m going to call him Happy.  Happy tried wa-a-y to hard to fit in with our geek group.  Happy tried to hard to be a geek.  Happy was never successful at being a geek.  Every female in group was groped at least once by Happy.  Happy didn’t make many friends in our group.  We tried desperately to get away from him.  However because ours was an after school club we were open to any student.  We were geeks and proud of it.  Happy was a geek-wannabe and an annoying one at that.

I can just picture Happy putting on a Foxbat costume and running for president.  Foxbat strikes me as just the annoying, petulant, pain-in-the-posterior, that your heroes would be sorry every time they have to save his butt.   Will your heroes save Foxbat as his own past comes back to haunt him during the campaign.  Would I do the same for Happy?  Would you?

Foxbat for President with enough plot hooks and adventures to run a whole campaign (no pun intended).  Foxbat’s minions are all statted out and ready to use with the Hero rules.  Foxbat for President sounds like fun, for your players, not necessarily their characters.

Want to learn more about Foxbat for President? Read on…

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