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Demotivational Poster: DC’s New 52


A recent article at io9 echoed some of my sentiments.  I know that women in comic books are drawn to appeal to male hormones.  I understand that men aged 20-40 are the primary targets of printed books and female characters are going to be drawn in this manner.

That said, it seems that DC overall has decided to jettison a lot of continuity and jeopardize future fans with some of these portrayals.  Amanda Waller, (leader of the suicide squad for the uninitiated) has always been portrayed as no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners, type pf person who happened to have a less-than-ideal body shape (think Mrs. Fredericks from Warehouse 13).  Now the character seems to be the same but she’s wearing a peek-a-boo bra and showing more cleavage than catwoman’s old costume.

The article linked above details a former fan’s reaction to Starfire’s new personality.

Catwoman’s new comic ends with her having sex with Batman on a roof and neither know the true identity under the mask.  Is this what DC is trying to pass off as acceptable?  I didn’t have the $156 necessary to read every new comic in DC’s lineup.  I have no idea how Wonder Woman will be treated as she didn’t even appear in Justice League #1

I can’t say that the new 52 will keep me buying DC books.

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