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Gary Gygax Haikus – A Tribute

I don’t have lots of fond memories of playing D&D as a teen.  D&D in my home was subject to parental objections due to the “Satan’s Game” scare of the mid-80s.  I’ve just recently begun playing the game again with my daughter (PIT #1) and her gaming group.  Since we’ve only had three sessions, I can’t wax eloquently on the many fun times I’ve had due to Sir Gygax’s work.  That said, I do thank Mr. Gygax for the work he did as I have spent enjoyable afternoons crawling through dungeons with my children.

In honor of Gary and and his creation I have composed the following:

A tribute to one,
Gary Gygax is his name
He gave geeks status

Special thanks for the
Original Dungeon Master
We’re here ‘cuz of you

He has left us for
The eternal dungeon crawl
Godspeed, Sir Gygax

Has it been a year
Since Gary Gygax left us
What would the gnomes think?

Photo removed due to threatened lawsuit

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