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“Unfortunately…” new hooks for your game.

Stuck for a hook for your next gaming session?  I came across this idea on someone’s blog while I was meandering around while being sick.  As a novice GM pressed for time because of RW constraints, I am constantly looking for ways to make my role as GM easier.

Simply type “Unfortunately, [your name]” into Google search and then stand back to enjoy the results. Remember to include the quote marks around your search, or you’ll be all over the place.  We’ll use my name and then we’ll see how we can use the results for the game.  These are the top ten results.

Unfortunately Steve is dying…
Almost to cliche to be used as a hook.  Perhaps Steve is the PCs sponsor and needs something to save his life.  Immediate quest material.

A rivalry that may cool down – unfortunately Steve might not be around to see it
Whose rivalry?  Are the PCs going to help Steve or his rival.  Is Steve even part of the goings on or is he an innocent bystander?

Unfortunately, Steve will be incarcerated the entire time
Why?  Maybe Steve, through intermediaries, is hiring the PCs to find the evidence to prove his innocence or frame someone else.

Unfortunately, Steve doesn’t provide examples of Apple’s crappy products
This was actually a post about Steve Woznieck complaining about software.  I had to include it.  The hook I came up with is that co-founder of the kingdom is disillusioned with the current leadership and wants the PCs to expose the fraud and corruption.

Unfortunately, Steve, the barley straw trick requires bright sunlight to break the humics from the straw down into algicidal by-products
The PCs are called upon by the locals to fix a problem caused by an apprentice.  As the apprentice, his master, the laboratory and most of the town have been sucked into a limbo like dimension.  The locals want their loved ones saved but figure the PCs are an expendable lot if everything goes to crap. 

Unfortunately, Steve could not come due to a “last minute budget freeze”
The PCs were expecting some local help.  But Steve couldn’t make it do to monetary shortfalls.  The PCs now have to strike out on their own without help.

Unfortunately Steve didn’t make it into professional football
Depressed he turned towards mind-altering substances and unwittingly unleashed the dark power within.  The PCs must cope with the new villain/monster

Unfortunately Steve died a second time after foiling the plot in question
What caused Steve to die the first time.  What caused his resurrection?  Will he be back to seek vengeance?

Unfortunately, Steve only had the car (vehicle/horse) for three months before it was destroyed in a racing accident
Now Steve is stuck without transportation.  Steve is the village protector.  Without his “car” Steve cannot protect the village and needs the PCs to help him acquire a new one.

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