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Dungeons & Dragons Edition Wars: Original D&D

dd-bboxMy recent post asking the question of why do we have D&D edition wars erupting across the blogsphere garnered quite a few responses.  The responses were passionate and everyone has their own preferences.  I read quite a bit of love and quite a bit of dislike for each edition of D&D.

I want to explore this just a little bit more.  What do you like about the editions.  What do you not like about the edition in question.  Do you have a memory that just stands out and demands to be shared?

Each edition has its good points and its bad points.  Too forestall a free form flaming rant, I’m going to section this article off into four parts one for each edition.  Let me know what you think without inducing a flame war.

Dungeons & Dragons, the original, affectionately known as the Red Box edition.  The grandaddy of all RPGs, this game is most responsible for the state of our hobby today.  Would we even be here blogging about our hobby without this game? probably.

What do I like about OD&D?
The combination of Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia provide a High Fantasy setting for your gaming fun.

What do I not like about OD&D?
Some of the artwork fed right into alarmist crusades against the game.  Yes, it seems tame by today’s standards but in the early 80’s some of the states of semi-dressed that the females wear depicted in was positively scandalous.

My main memory about this game was the fact that I began playing RPGs during the height of the “Devil’s Game” scare in the early 80’s.  When I did play this version it was in Spanish class,  Sra. Machacao let us play as long as we played the entire game in Spanish.  To please my parents, I stopped playing D&D and as a result I left the hobby for quite a long time.

dd-boxYour turn

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