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Vulcan Stev Family Review: Stargate Universe season 1.0


Robert Carlyle …  Dr. Nicholas Rush
Justin Louis …  Col. Everett Young
Brian J. Smith …  Lt. Matthew Scott
Elyse Levesque …  Chloe Armstrong
David Blue …  Eli Wallace
Alaina Huffman …  Lt. Tamara Johansen
Jamil Walker Smith …  Sgt. Ronald Greer
Patrick Gilmore …  Dale Volker
Peter Kelamis …  Adam Brody
Julia Benson …  Lt. Vanessa James
Jennifer Spence …  Lisa Park
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman …  Sgt. Darren Becker
Mark Burgess …  Jeremy Franklin
Ming-Na …  Camile Wray

Series premise from IMDb: The Previously unknown purpose of the “Ninth Cheveron” is revealed, and ends up taking a team to an Ancient ship “Destiny”, a ship built millions of years ago by the Ancients, used to seed Distant galaxies with Stargates. This team, led by Dr. David Rush and Colonel Everet Young, are trapped on the ship, unable to change its programmed mission, and encounter new races, new technology and new enemies, as the runaway ship takes them to the far ends of the Universe.

This is the second (third if you count the animated series) spin-off of the popular and successful Stargate franchise.  Contrary to all the naysayers posting their drivel in forums and blogs, the series is still too new to be written off completely.  The Vulcan Stev family has faithfully watched every aired episode on SyFy (that’s pronounced siffy) and we just got done re-watching the first 10 episodes (really 9 as the first episode is a 2 hour intro that has been split for subsequent airings).  Two initial observations: for all of MGM’s hype that Sargate is the ‘most popular, longest-running, science fiction tv series’, Stargate sure seems to follow Star Trek’s footsteps very closely (Star Trek TOS & TNG the main universe, DS9 a far flung outpost, Voyager – a ship with a combined crew at odds with each other stranded far from home; ) and SGU sure has not delivered (to date) on it’s promise of new aliens or new enemies.

VS: 1.4 pointed ears
First to the rabid fanboys (and girls) crying on the forums that “this isn’t Stargate”.  No, it’s a different show set in the same fictional universe.  *Wah* it doesn’t Col O’Neil or Dr. Jackson and no T’ealc, one of the bigger problems I had with SG-Atlantis is that is WAS too similar to SG-1.  Universe has a strong premise but 10 episodes is nowhere near enough aired footage to kill or praise the show.  Universe is Stargate mainly because MGM says so.  At least we’ve got the correct creative team behind the show, Robin C. Wright and Brad Cooper delivered some of SG-1’s best moments.  They’re not out to kill the franchise.

My biggest problem and biggest praise to date is that the producers have spent so much time with the problems on board the Destiny; power, water, air, and the problems back home that there has been very little in the way exploration.  These issues needed to be dealt with and I applaud the producers for doing the episodes, but personally I think ten episodes was a little too much time to spend on “broken ship’ episodes.  Again we’ve only seen ten episodes, so I hope the writers are taking care of the “we don’t know how to run the ship” episodes early on and leaving us with the promised new adventures for the rest of the series.

I’m also trying hard to accept the fact that this premise is a blatant rip-off of Star Trek Voyager; two crews with radically different goals, one military, one not are trapped so far from home that the possibility of seeing home again in their lifetime is remote.  The difference between this show and Voyager  is that Voyager spent wa-a-ay too much time with the Kazon and Universe is spending way to much time on the broken ship.

I had a difficult time figuring out who was who during the initial airing of the 10 episodes  this is a very large cast of characters, watching the episodes back to back helped that problem.  The Kino webisodes and other extras included with the DVD make this a nice addition to the collection.

Mrs. VS: 1.2 pointed ears
This show was confusing when I watched it with my family (editor’s note: Mrs. VS caught the episode “Time”).  It was a very professionally done show.  Watching it I can understand why my family enjoys this series so much.

PIT #2: 1.7 pointed ears
I understand the need to have shows were the characters are figuring out a new strange existence.  It seems that every show this season is about a problem with the ship.  I really hope that season 1.5 delivers on its promise of new aliens and new threats.  I don’t like it that Dr. Rush is one of the sources of conflict.

PIT #3: 1 pointed ear
The whole season was about the broken ship.  I like the characters, especially Lt. Scott.  I don’t like all the kissing and junk.  If the show could actually be about something other than the broken ship, like the episode “Time” then the show will start to be better.

6.3 pointed ears out of 8
Not a bad show.  The series needs to find its own identity.  We’re going to give it a shot as Cooper and Wright haven’t let us down yet.

A must have if you’re a serious Stargate fan.  If you’re thinking of picking up the DVD as an intro to the series because you missed the episodes, the $29.99 price tag would suggest watching episodes on Hulu first to see if it’s your cup of tea.

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