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Excerpts from the AADA Guide Uni, Iowa 2057

Excerpts from the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Uni, IA (formerly known as Waterloo/Cedar Falls)drive

Uni is the largest city in northeastern Iowa. It is the result of the citizens who stayed after the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls fortified itself and downtown Waterloo was abandoned.

Waterloo and Cedar Falls were originally two separate cities whose borders eventually touched as the cities grew. Cedar Falls was the University town and home to the wealthier portion of the population. Waterloo’s population was more working class as the city’s economy was based on the food production and manufacturing jobs in the area.


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When the Grain Blight hit in 20?? Waterloo’s economy took a nosedive as many of the food production facilities shut down. The manufacturing jobs were mainly agricultural and that portion of the economy took a hit as well. Waterloo faced a similar situation in the 1980’s when a major food producer went bankrupt. Many citizens left but the city eventually recovered. The food riots however took a far larger toll and the downtown was eventually abandoned (use City Blocks 2 for any duels in downtown Waterloo).

Cedar Falls, being a university town fared much better. However, the university began beefing up the defenses of their agri-business department in an effort to stave off raids by the rapidly forming gangs based out of Waterloo’s East Side.

The fortifications at the University were expanded and built upon until most of the remaining citizens in the area were protected. The fortifications are not always a wall there are pace where the streets are open but protected by fortified bunkers and gates. Eventually most of the well-to-do-neighborhoods of both cities are now protected. The citizens decide to carve a new identity from the old.


Uni is haven for those that can afford the housing within the fortifications. Those who cannot afford to live within the fortifications enjoy the semi-protection afforded by living on the outskirts of the fortified city limits or the Outer Zone as the area is known to the locals.

After a brutal Darwinian process that has culled the weaker gangs, there are only two left. The gangs do not prey on each other rather they engage in a friendly competition preying on convoys entering and leaving Uni. They also prey on the citizens and business that are outside the city fortifications. Uni’s security forces do not patrol outside the limits of the fortifications.


The main route to get to Uni is US218 north of US20, Unfortunately, you need to run through the Waterloo ruins to get there. Gang activity is very heavy along this corridor of 218.

Points of Interest:

The University of Northern Iowa is the third largest college in the state. The research facilities in their agri-business department are trying to cure the grain blight. They have also been very successful in making many different food types from soybeans, the state’s other main cash crop, which was not affected by the grain blight..

The Dome Dueling Arena located on the grounds of the university. This used to be the football field where the UNI Panthers played until the demise of college sports in 20??. It was converted to a full-fledged dueling arena in 2040 after the legalization of Autodueling in 2038.

John Deere Manufacturing: The site of the famed tractor maker’s factory in downtown Waterloo did not survive the implosion of the farming economy. The factory just south of Cedar Falls did survive and shifted the focus of its construction to soybean based agriculture. Tours of the factory and testing grounds are given on an appointment basis only.

The Waterloo Greyhound Dueltrack used to be a greyhound racing facility until it went bankrupt in 199? It sat vacant and unused until 2038 when the reconvened Iowa Legislature legalized autodueling. Investors bought the unused facility and had it operational for amateur events within six months.


One Hospital located within fortified city complete with Gold Cross facilities. One functioning Hospital located in the O.Z. no Gold Cross but it can handle most mundane emergencies. There is an abandoned hospital on Waterloo’s East Side rumors of strange goings on at the hospital have never been confirmed due to the gang activity.

There is one fortified Truck Stop 2 miles west of the I-380 US20 junction. The mechanics at this facility are not the best. The garages and repair facilities in the O.Z. are substandard. Facilities within the fortified city are better but charge 50% more to non-locals.

The Dome Dueling Arena is part of the L’Outrance Circuit. It has a prestige modifier of .5


The Flaming Skulls and the C.R.U.D. are two cycle gangs based out of the East side. They are surprisingly well-funded for cycle gangs. Rumors that these two gangs are connected to strange goings on at the abandoned hospital have never been proven.

The AADA has a branch office in downtown Uni. Other than the storefront office, there is no official AADA organization within the city.

Campus Security is the nominal police force. They are well armed, well trained, and well funded. They only patrol within the fortified borders and never venture into the O.Z. Only the fact that the O.Z. has nothing of value keeps them free from attacks by the Skulls and CRUD.

Vulcan Transport is Brotherhood certified transport and courier service. They have the contract for transporting vital research out of the university and other items of value past the cycle gangs. VT is a highly successful business and has never lost a shipment. The corporation is currently sponsoring two up-and-coming drivers on the pro-dueling circuit.

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Stev the Vulcan is more than an online ID, he’s my alter ego.

I have been writing off and on for a creative writing club called Starships of the Third Fleet for the better part of a stev1decade.  Stev the Vulcan has been my character from the beginning.  I thought I’d post this article with links to all of the recent stories I’ve written for the club.

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