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Destination Iowa: Living History Farms

300 years of Iowa farming history comes to life

By Steve Nibbelink
The Record
Graphic Designer

Check out all the photos shot for this story at this FB photo album.

It’s unusual to see and hear the sights and sounds of an Iowa farm smack in the middle of urban sprawl. However if you visit the Living History Farms in Urbandale you’ll get exactly that.

Nearly 40 years ago the Living History Farms purchased the historic Flynn Mansion from the State of Iowa. Located on 500 acres just off of Hickman Road in Urbandale, the outdoor museum has expanded to include working examples of an Ioway Indian village, an 1850s pioneer farm and a 1900 Iowa farming homestead.

The museum complex is also home to the fictional town of Walnut Hill. This town depicts rural Iowa town life in the year of 1875. Actual buildings from the period have been purchased, moved to the museum and restored. Hands-on displays include but are not limited to visits to the Blacksmith, the farm implement store, the drug store, the general store, and the Church of the Land, which is built on the site of Pope John Paul II’s historic mass in 1979.

The Living History Farms is home to several buildings on the National Historic Register, including the aforementioned Flynn Mansion. The entire complex has been listed by the New York Times as “one of 100 places to see before you die.”

Located at 11121 Hickman Road in Urbandale, the museum complex is approximately 74 miles southwest of Conrad. Open from May – October, admission is $11.50 for adults, $7 for children 3-12 and $10.50 for citizens 60 and over.

Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Saturday and Sunday Noon – 5, May 1 – August 22 also 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday and Sunday noon – 5, Aug. 25 – Oct.15.

For more information about Living History Farms point your browser at

Upcoming 2010 Special Events at the Living History Farms include:
Farmer’s Market 4-7 p.m. every Wednesday May 12 – Oct. 6.
Historic Baseball Games played on premises July 4, July 18, Aug. 8, Sept. 5, Sept. 19, and Oct. 3.
Behind the Barn Concerts are scheduled for July 7, July 25, Aug. 4, and Sept. 1.

July 3-4
Family Weekend: Independence Day. Free ice cream floats will be available with paid admission on Saturday the third. On Sunday come celebrate an 1870’s Independence Day.

July 17
History Snapshot: Circuit Court
Be part of the Jury as costumed museum staff recreate court cases from 1870s Iowa.

Aug. 7-8
Family Weekend: Threshing Days. Experience the many methods and machines used to harvest oats and wheat at the historic farms.

Aug. 14
History Snapshot: Pioneer Wedding. Join the 1850 Pioneer Farm staff as they recreate a wedding complete with ceremony, dancing and a wedding cake.

Sept. 4-5
Family Weekend: Farmer’s Fall Carnival. Visit our carnival with music, old-fashioned carnival games, and pony rides. Enjoy a melodrama and the 1875 traveling museum of curiosities.

Sept. 18
Photography Day. Take pictures of the scenic park. Photography experts will be on hand with photo tips and workshops.

Sept. 29 – Oct. 3
Historic Quilt Show. View rarely seen quilts from this nationally recognized quilt collection. The quilts will be displayed in the Church of the Land.

Oct. 2-3
Family Weekend: Harvest Fest. Help museum staff bring in the harvest as you handpick the corn. Afterward you can enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride and sample fresh apple fritters.

Oct. 21-24 & 28-31
Family Halloween Nights
Dress in your favorite costume and come trick-or-treating in Walnut Hill. Horse-drawn wagon rides, storytellers, marshmallow roasts and much more will complete the experience.

Dec. 11
Prairie Christmas. Celebrate a holiday open house with a prairie feel. Visit with Santa Claus. Participate in an old-fashioned church social and ride in a horse-drawn wagon.

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Life Near an Iowa Cornfield 1-24-10

Wow has it really been nearly three months since I wrote anything?

Not that I haven’t had things to say but it’s been busy.  I’ve reconnected with a bunch of old friends via Facebook.  I’ve discovered that as much as I like writing, I enjoy my job more.   I’ve been extraordinarily busy with the job.  Recently, I was informed that according to the Iowa Newspaper Association, I am one of the top three ad designers in the entire state for the class of newspaper I work for (weekly under 10,000 circulation).  I find out exactly where I place at the banquet in February.

The can company is OFFICIALLY sold.  We signed the papers last week.  Yay!!!!!!!!!

PIT #1 (aka Pvt. Black Spartan) is still learning to be intelligent.  Her graduation has been pushed back again due to National Guard needing the same training, but she’s enjoying the challenge.

PIT #2 is now almost as tall as I am (when did that happen?).  He’s learning the ins and outs of controlled fishtails on the snow covered roads.

PIT #3 is being 10.  He finally agreed to let his mother wash his favorite Christmas present, an official Army fatigue shirt.  He received this from his big sister and has worn it nearly every day since Christmas.

Mrs. VS is recovering more every day.  Her hair is now long enough that she doesn’t wear wigs anymore.

One Way Express (the puppet team) has taken the tentative steps into video.

We are now digitally recording the morning services at church and will be placing more videos up at YouTube as I get  time to edit.  Check out my channel

The entire family has been playing Wizard’s 101.  We’re enjoying it to the point of possibly getting a second subscription that we can play together instead of watching one person play.

The boys and I are back to a bi-weekly D&D 4e game at The Core in Cedar Falls.  I can’t say I much like the hack and slash version of D&D, but it’s time with my boys.  Alternate weeks, our local gaming group has begun a Top Secret! campaign, yes let’s resurrect more classic games from the 80’s

I also recently came to terms with my decision to leave Starships of the Third Fleet.  The constrictions being placed on my writing from the higher-ups made it less than fun to continue with the group.  I’ve also re-found the KSF and resurrected Chris Dehart.  Stev isn’t gone.  He’s just not onboard the Phoenix anymore.  When last seen he, T’Aiya, Phread and Neila had boarded the Ghost Rider and taken off for parts unknown.  (I am thinking of posting my stuff here for the world to read).

Hoping it’ll be sooner than March before I post again…


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