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Gaming in the Universe of… Batman

Introduction to gaming with superheroes article with links to various RPGs centering around superheroes

batman-logoBatman Begins review
The Dark Knight review

Batman, driven to seek justice because of the atrocities he faced as a child.  Bruce Wayne, billionaire, wishes to prevent the tragedy that befell him from happening to others.  Batman protects Gotham City from any and all attacks; crime, natural disaster, unnatural disaster.  During his 70 years of published history, Batman’s character can be consistently summarized by great wealth, physical prowess, deductive reasoning and obsession.

Those four traits transcend time and genre.  Denny O’Neil once told one of the Bat-writers (I forget which writer specifically, but he mentioned it in the forward of a collected edition) that Batman was a diamond whose different facets could be reflective of any genre or time.  Following up on this bit of wisdom, one can surmise that Batman can be dropped into any gaming setting; in a fantasy game, Bruce Wayne is the benevolent lord who secretly protects his people in the guise of the Black Knight.   Vampire Batman (one of the “official” worlds of the “new” DC multi-verse) is perfect for any horror setting.  Science Fiction, though usually a staple of Superman, has done many stories of the lone protector.  Is B.A.T.M.A.N. a benevolent overlord piece of computer software? or is it a mechanized servitor designed to protect the public from those who seek to enslave it?  Regardless of the setting you drop him into, one needs only to remember that many of Batman’s enemies are pulled from the trappings of the ‘were’ and horror.  Those genres would be my first choice for continued inspiration for continued exploits in your Batman mythos.

Batman as used in a game that I’d run would be a perfect PC.  He is human, the only thing “super” about him is his technology.  Given billions of dollars and the time to train, anyone could be Batman.  His motivations are entirely human, driven but still human.  As such the Batman archetype is easily dropped into any campaign.  Simply create a filthy rich protector of the village/town/city/sector, give him access to the most advanced technology of your game setting and voila, Batman.

Another benefit of adding Batman to your superhero campaign would be the inspiration he has been for many wannabes; Robin, Nightwing, Bat-girl, the Oracle.  This could definitely be used with a whole group of low-level chracters as they study and train to help protect HIS city.

A completely different take on the character would be play completely against type and run Gotham as pulp-noir or modern crime drama.  CSI Gothamhas been explored in depth at the Dire Cafe.  The idea is that the cops do not acknowledge that Batman exists while at the same time dealing with his villains or the aftermath of his battles.

Of course playing a Batman type character in your own version of the Justice League or Avengers could be just what one of your players is itching to do.

Savage World stats for

batmanrobinBatman/Bruce Wayne Legendary
Race: Human
Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d10, Spirit d12, Strength d10, Vigor d12
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d12+2, Guts d10, Intimidation d10, Investigation d12+2, Knowledge (Criminal Behavior) d10, Knowledge (Electronics) d8, Knowledge (Scientific Method) d10, Lockpicking d10, Notice d12, Persuasion d10, Repair d8, Shooting d8, Stealth d12, Streetwise d12, Survival d10, Taunt d10, Throwing d10, Tracking d12
Charisma: 30; Pace: 6; Parry: 8; Toughness: 7;
Hindrances:  Overconfident, Vow to protect Gotham City heedless of the cost to himself, Vow to NEVER take a life, Loyal, Enemy – The Joker
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Jack-of-All-Trades, Investigator, Master Fighter, Master Investigator, Connections, Improved Block, Combat Reflexes, Improved Dodge, Harder to Kill, First Strike, Improved Nerves of Steel, Commando, Natural Leader, Charismatic, Filthy Rich, Sidekick
Gear: $100,000,000,000,000+.  Wide area of possible devices on utility belt
Super Powers: • Awareness (3)  • Fear (3) • Fearless (2)  (All other powers are Devices) • Armor (1): +3, Partial • Broadcast (3): • Interface (2): Code Breaker • Lair (5) Escape Pod, Research Lab, Secure Access  • Vehicle (3) AI, Secure Access

Robin III/Tim Drake Novice
Race: Human
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d6, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Computers) d18, Lockpicking d6, Notice d6,  Streetwise d6, Survival d6, Throwing d6, Tracking d6
Charisma: 5; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5;
Hindrances:  Vow to NEVER take a life, Loyal, Enemy – The Joker
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Investigator, Dodge
Gear: Wide area of possible devices on utility belt
Super Powers: • (All powers are Devices) • Armor (1): +3, Partial • Broadcast (3): • Interface (2)

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Vulcan Stev’s family movie review: Watchmen

Malin Akerman …  Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre II
Billy Crudup …  Dr. Manhattan / Jon Osterman
Matthew Goode …  Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias
Jackie Earle Haley …  Walter Kovacs / Rorschach
Jeffrey Dean Morgan …  Edward Blake / The Comedian
Patrick Wilson …  Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl II
Carla Gugino …  Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre
Matt Frewer …  Edgar Jacobi / Moloch the Mystic
Stephen McHattie …  Hollis Mason / Nite Owl
Laura Mennell …  Janey Slater

Synopsis from IMDb: An adaptation of Alan Moore’s landmark comic book series, “Watchmen” is set in an alternate 1985 America in which costumed superheroes are part of the fabric of everyday society, and the “Doomsday Clock” – which charts the USA’s tension with the Soviet Union – is permanently set at five minutes to midnight. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the washed up but no less determined masked vigilante Rorschach sets out to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present superheroes. As he reconnects with his former crime-fighting legion – a ragtag group of retired superheroes, only one of whom has true powers – Rorschach glimpses a wide-ranging and disturbing conspiracy with links to their shared past and catastrophic consequences for the future. Their mission is to watch over humanity… but who is watching the Watchmen?

Reviewers: VS, PIT#1, PIT#2, PIT#3.  Mrs VS stayed home as she KNEW she wouldn’t like this movie, she was right.
*Note* PITs 1&2 are teenagers, PIT#3 is 10 and had Daddy’s permission to come see this movie as long as he sat next to Daddy and did not object to having his eyes covered at parts Daddy deemed to excessive.

VS: – 1.75 pointed ears
FIrst let me state that I am not some rabid fanboy worshipping at the ‘holy writ’ of Alan Moore.  I have read the graphic novel and enjoyed it immensely.  Was Watchmen a groundbreaking comic for its time? yes.  Was it unfilmable by the technology at the time? yes.  Did Zach Snyder make an equitable film adaptation of the novel? yes.  Will it appeal to the average filmgoer? probably not given the way it was advertised.

There were changes obvious to anyone who has read the graphic novel.  To anyone who has not read the comic the changes do not detract from the storyline at all.  If, as I clearly indicate, I think that Mr. Snyder pulled off what many deemed as impossible, just why did I give it the rating that I did?

First the violence, although present in the source material, was overdone for my tastes.  We did not need to see bones breaking, hatchets cleaving, and bullets penetrating to make this movie.  The comic has these events occuring outside the panel borders.  Clever angles and editing could have conveyed the violence without being quite so graphic.  Second, Dr Manhattan’s well …ah anatomy.  There was, to my recollection, ONE scene that showed full frontal in the book and Doc M. was not so well endowed, clearly average in the book.  It was distracting.  Third, the soundtrack.  I realize Mr. Snyder was trying to provide generational hooks by using songs from the appropriate era depicted, but seriously 99 Luft Balloons?

As I write this I’m also reading a news story that Watchmen’s box office earnings have dropped 71% from opening weekend.  Our experience bears this out, the theater was 3/4 empty when watched the 2:00pm show.  Why?  in my opinion it’s because the studio mis-marketed this movie.  Audiences not familiar withthe graphic novel were lead to believe they were getting this year’s Iron Man or The Dark Knight.  What they got was a over-violent murder mystery set in a world with costumed adventurers.  I blame the studio system for this.  Audiences did not get what they were lead to expect.  The fallout is that Hollywood is going to blame the director, script and source material rather than themselves.  The suits are not going to see this as a marketing failure but rather, “We listened to the director about sticking to the source material and look what happened.”  As a result we’re going to see more “Hollywoodized” adaptations in the future.

What did the director get right?  Cutting out the annoying ‘comic-within-a-comic’, losing some of the subplots and the change to the ending although criticized by some was entirely believeable and served the same purpose.  Zach Snyder did the best job he could without making a 5-hour mini-series.  His attention to detail was obvious, I’m looking forward to the director’s cut. 

PIT#1: – 1.9 pointed ears
Dad tried to give us a background tutorial into the Watchmen without revealing the plot twist at the end.  He had read some reviews were people stated that they had a hard time following the story plot-line.  Dad’s explanation confused me, the movie did not.  This movie requires you to pay attention.  You are not spoon-fed the plot you are required to think.  Kudos to Zach Snyder for not caving to studio demands.

Was the violence excessive? yes in my opinion.  To much was shown graphically that didn’t need to be shown.  I won’t reveal what but if you’ve seen the movie you’ll understand which scenes I’m talking about.  This movie is not for the squeamish.  It’s not a hack-fest like Friday the 13th but the violence was still too over-the-top.  The sex scene made me uncomfortable.

PIT#2: – 1.7 pointed ears
Dad confused me as well with his explanation.  After I saw the movie I understood what Dad was talking about but I had no trouble following the movie.  If you’re expecting a standard Super Hero flick go rent Iron Man.  If you want to watch a whodunnit with plenty of action then go see Watchmen.  The violence got out-of-hand at times.  They could’ve easily shot this movie as a PG-13 without changing one bit of the plot.  All it would’ve taken was a few judicous edits.

PIT#3: – 1.7 pointed ears
Daddy tried to make me cover my eyes at the icky parts.  I did see the man’s arm break and that was disgusting.   I closed my eyes when the kissing and sex were on the screen.  This is NOT a super hero movie.  It’s a mystery that has heroes in it.  This movie would’ve been nicer on the small screen (at least for me).  I enjoyed the movie and I’m happy Daddy took me, but the director could’ve left out some stuff.

7.05 pointed ears out of 8
Be forewarned that the violence in this movie IS excessive.  Only you can determine what is appropriate for your family.  Be forewarned that this is NOT a super hero movie in the tone of Iron Man, Spider-Man, or even The Dark Knight.  This is a murder mystery set in a world of costumed adventurers.  Pay attention when watching this film you can’t be mindless with this flick, the story does not take you by the hand.

Watchable (with reservations).  I plan on buying the Director’s cut DVD.

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Vulcan Stev Family Movie Review: Batman Begins

Christian Bale …  Bruce Wayne / Batman
Michael Caine …  Alfred
Liam Neeson …  Henri Ducard
Katie Holmes …  Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman …  Jim Gordon
Cillian Murphy …  Dr. Jonathan Crane
Tom Wilkinson …  Carmine Falcone
Rutger Hauer …  Earle
Ken Watanabe …  Ra’s Al Ghul
Mark Boone Junior …  Flass
Linus Roache …  Thomas Wayne
Morgan Freeman …  Lucius Fox
Larry Holden …  Finch
Gerard Murphy …  Judge Faden
Colin McFarlane …  Loeb

Synopsis from IMDb: In tone with the early “Batman: Year One” style comics. As a boy a young Bruce Wayne watched in horror as his millionaire parents were slain in front of his eyes, a trauma which led him to become obsessed with revenge but his chance is cruelly taken away from him by fate. After disappearing to the East where he seeks counsel with the dangerous but honorable ninja cult leader known as Ra’s Al-Ghul, he returns to his now decaying Gotham City overrun by organized crime and dangerous individuals manipulating the system whilst the company he inherited is slowly being pulled out from under him. The discovery of a cave under his mansion, and a prototype armored suit leads him to take on a new persona, one which will strike fear into the hearts of men who do wrong – he becomes, Batman. In the new guise, and with the help of rising cop Jim Gordon, Batman sets out to take down the various nefarious schemes in motion by individuals such as mafia don Falcone, the twisted doctor/drug dealer Jonathan ‘The Scarecrow’ Crane, and a mysterious third party that is quite familiar with Wayne and waiting to strike when the time is right.

Reviewers: VS, PIT #1, PIT #2, PIT #3

VS: 1.95 pointed ears
This is THE definitive Batman movie.  The Dark Knight would not have been made had this movie not striven for the greatness it achieved.  Gone is the camp of Adam West’s portrayal.  Gone is the overly dark tone of Tim Burton’s take on the franchise.  Chris Nolan has taken the franchise and portrayed Gothan City as realplace on the Eastern seaboard.  Batman is equal parts concerned do-gooder and avenging crusader.  Christian Bale got it right playing Batman as the person and Bruce Wayne as the mask.

This movie takes the entire scope of the Batman mythos and uses it to color the world.  Batman fans caught the subtle nuances scattered throughout.  Alfred and Lucious Fox are active participants in Batman’s war on crime.  I only have two complaints.  The first was in all of the attention to detail the writer made Henri Ducard and Ra’s al Ghul the same person.  The Batman geek in me screams internally every time I watch that particular bit.  The other is Ra’s is using a microwave emitter to vaporize the water supply?  Why aren’t the people standing next to the emitter suddenly dehydrating?  I can forgive Mr Zsasz’s lack of scars as he is clothed in this movie and his scars could very well be covered under the clothing.

PIT #1: 2 pointed ears
Batman for the 21st century.  A plausible explanation for why Bruce Wayne behaves as he does.  You don’t need to be a fan of the comic to get this movie.  There’s enough there to please the Batman geeks, but not so much as to confuse the average viewer.  I like this version of Batman better than the Batman movies of the 90’s

PIT #2: 2 pointed ears
An absolutely great re-boot to Batman.  The Batman movie before this nearly killed the film franchise off completely.  This movie should set up a nice long series of films.

PIT #3: 1.95 pointed ears
This movie rocks.  The action is nearly non-stop.  There’s no kissing until the very end.  Cop cars go flying everywhere and they crash a train.  What more can you ask for?  I do want to know why Batman’s trainer and Darth Vader’s trainer are the same person.

7.9 pointed ears out of 8.   Chris Nolan succeeds in rebooting the Bat-franchise.  Christian Bale succeeds in portraying a watchable Batman.

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Gaming in the Universe of… Superheroes

Rather than rewrite the intro for Superhero gaming every time the family reviews a superhero movie, I’m posting this article and will update the links accordingly.

Why re-invent the wheel?   There are many good RPGs centering around Superheroes.  TSR’s Marvel Super Hero game is available online as PDF, of course that’s not the Superman Universe, but heck they’re available for free.  Hero Games’ Champions, the grandaddy of all super hero RPGs is still available.  DC Heroes as published by Pulsar Games is a defunct game though the mechanics are used in their Blood of Heroes RPG.  Pinnacle Entertainment’s Necessary Evil, although not a super HERO setting does provide the rules for adding Super Heroes to your Savage Worlds campaign.  The current Super Hero RPG of choice appears to be Mutants and Masterminds, an in depth review of the game can be found at Greywulf’s Lair

The first thing we need to ask are you gaming in a generic super hero universe or one of the copyrighted ones?  I have many fond memories of playing in a Champions campaign from my high school days (no I won’t say when just know that Reagan was President when I graduated).  My GM for those days usually had Marvel and DC heroes pre-genned for folks just wanting to sit in on a game.  Though they were super heroes by the names of Supreme, Arachno-Lad, Night Stalker (a Batman clone) and Amazon (this was long before the Amalgam Universe).  How you play or allow your players to play will vary from hero to hero.

Superhero movie reviews currently in the database:
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Incredible Hulk
Superman IV

Gaming notes for:

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Gaming in the Universe of: Superman

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace so far the only review of Superman movie done by the family.

supermanlogo1Why re-invent the wheel?  There are many good RPGs centering around Superheroes.  TSR’s Marvel Super Hero game is available online as PDF, of course that’s not the Superman Universe, but heck they’re available for free.  Hero Games’ Champions, the grandaddy of all super hero RPGs is still available.  DC Heroes as published by Pulsar Games is a defunct game though the mechanics are used in their Blood of Heroes RPG.  Pinnacle Entertainment’s Necessary Evil, although not a super HERO setting does provide the rules for adding Super Heroes to your Savage Worlds campaign.  The current Super Hero RPG of choice appears to be Mutants and Masterminds, an in depth review of the game can be found at Greywulf’s Lair

The first thing we need to ask are you gaming in a generic super hero universe or one of the copyrighted ones?  I have many fond memories of playing in a Champions campaign from my high school days (no I won’t say when just know that Reagan was President when I graduated).  My GM for those days usually had Marvel and DC heroes pre-genned for folks just wanting to sit in on a game.  Though they were super heroes by the names of Supreme, Arachno-Lad, Night Stalker (a Batman clone) and Amazon (this was long before the Amalgam Universe).   In a generic universe, your Superman would be the supreme hero in that universe.  All other heroes would look to him as the ideal.  That is if you’re following the archetype right down the line.  Currently in the Marvel mainstream universe the character of the Sentry is a Superman of sorts, but his arch nemesis did a real number on him.  The character is unstable even on his best days.  The Sentry is all-powerful but is very hesitant of using his abilities.

Some ideas of how I would use a Superman character; He is the supreme hero in your universe all other heroes look up to him and follow his example, Take the Sentry route and play him as someone that doesn’t even know the extant of his powers the GM would stat out the character but not give the PC anything but the barest idea of what the character is capable of (ie let the discovery of the power base be part of the game), or I’d turn the whole Superman idea on its head, he rules your world with an iron fist and it’s up to the PCs to take him down. 

The main problem with a Superman character is coming up with credible threats against him.  Superman as an archetype doesn’t provide much of a challenge for PC.  Unless the PC had a VERY good reason for wanting to play a super man, I probably wouldn’t allow him as stated out.  As an NPC/GM-controlled character who’s lending a hand against a larger threat (ie hordes of villians) then yes.


Savage World stats for Superman

Race: Kryptonian
Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d12, Spirit d12, Strength d12+12, Vigor d12
Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d6, Intimidate d8, Notice d4, Stealth d6, Throwing d8
Charisma:+40; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 11
Hindrances: Dependant (Minor or Major) Lois Lane is the one human above all others that Supes flies half-way around the world to rescue.  Depending on which iteration of the universe, she is even Mrs. Kent;  Power Negation (Major) – Kryptonite; Weakness (Major) – Magic
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Brawny, Power Points, Take the Hit!
Gear: Supes being who he ie doesn’t usually have gear but he does have access to a wide array of Kryptonian technology in his Fortress
Super Powers: • Attack, Melee (4): +2d6 • Attack, Ranged (4): +2d6 • Fearless (2) • Flight (15) •  Heightened Senses (1) • Immunity (4) • Lair (1) • Super Attributes (5): (Super strength.) • Toughness (7): +2, Hardy

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Gaming in your favorite cinema universe

I’ve been writing movie reviews for my blog here and over at the Dire Cafe for the past year.  When Uncle Bear asked for some guest bloggers over at his blog I adapted one of my movie reviews to be used as an RPG centered blog rather than a straight movie review.  This got me thinking, how would I adapt the settings and play in the universes of some of my favorite movies.  I realize that there are a lot of RPG adaptations of movies I’ll touch on a few of those here.

My goal here is to write up an RPG synopsis of the universe for each movie (or series) that the family reviews.  The Pirates of the Caribbean RPG overview is in the works.  Harry Potter will be done once we’ve reviewed all five movies.

How would I game in my four favorite universes?

Star Trek: There are actually RPGs already set in this universe.  FASA’s Star Trek RPG, Decipher’s Star Trek, and Task Force Games’ Prime Directive were some of the more widely recognized.  Wikipedia lists several others as well.  I have not actually ever used or played any of those games.  Though, I actually do role play in the Star Trek universe but not in a way you might be thinking.  I belong to a creative writing group called Starshipsof the Third Fleet.  The captain authors a prologue every three months or so and it is up to the crew members to write a mission report on what their character would do during the mission.

If I were to run a Star Trek game I’d run it where the GM was the Captain of whatever ship the PCs served on and run it in a similar manner to the Third Fleet doctrine.  I guess I’m seeing the Star Trek universe as more TNG era where the captain stays with the ship and allows his officers to actually do the dirty work.  I’d steer clear of the “Heroes” of the Federation.  It’s a big universe and not everyone gets to meet Captain Picard.

Star Wars: This isn’t news to anyone but Wizards of the Coast has the current license to Star Wars.  However West End Games’ Star Wars material provided much of the material for the expanded universe.  The one time that I did play in a Star Wars game, the GM had us playing Luke, Han, Leia, et all.  I can’t say as I particularly enjoyed that.

If I were to run a SW game I’d skirt the events that happened in the movies or explore how the events in the movies affected my PCs.  Ideas which I’d like to explore in SW; a garrison of Storm Troopers on a backwater planet after the Emperor’s demise,  Bounty Hunters (but then who wouldn’t?), an enclave of Jedi that managed avoid Palpatine’s genocide are just some of the possibilities that I’d like to play.

James Bond: Victory Games held the license during the mid-80s.  I forget my agent’s name but he was able to successfully conceal a sniper rifle (he was 6’5″).    This was one of the more enjoyable games I played in high school.  The GM we first had insisted on our agents running into EVERY Bond villain that had ever made it to film.  It wasn’t until I started gaming with the college crowd at SMSU that I ran into a GM who created his own villains.  That is when I started really enjoying the game.  I wanted my own arch-Nemesis not 007’s.

Super Heroes: Champions, Mutants & Masterminds, Marvel, DC; I’ve played Champions and in both the Marvel and DC universe.  My preference is Champions.  Though from what I’ve read, I’d probably enjoy Mutants and Masterminds as well.  I dislike playing established characters.  I don’t mind interacting with Batman, or Spidey, but to quote the old song “I just gotta be me” or least a character of my own creation

What is the common thread here?  If I’m gonna play in someone else’s universe, I’m gonna do my own thing.  I enjoy RPGing in established universes because there’s less exposition that GM has to do.  However, I’ve seen every Star Wars movie and read most of the books.  I don’t want to be Luke.

Your mileage may vary of course.

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Vulcan Stev’s LCARS database DVD review…. Daredevil

Originally posted at the Dire Cafe January 18, 2009daredevil_ver2

Ben Affleck … Matt Murdock / Daredevil
Jennifer Garner … Elektra Natchios
Colin Farrell … Bullseye
Michael Clarke Duncan … Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin
Jon Favreau … Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson

Synopsis from IMDb: Blinded by toxic waster when he was a young boy, Matt Murdock (Affleck) has gained enhancements in the remaining senses. With his father murdered, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to fight crime and help the New York City. He becomes Daredevil, and every night risks life to stop those escaping prison. One person who is still free is the biggest crime lord in New York, the Kingpin (Duncan). Whilst working as a lawyer, Matt becomes the masked hero to track down the Kingpin before anyone else he loves is taken out.

Reviewers VS, Mrs. VS, PITs 1,2, & 3

VS 1.75 pointed ears
My only complaint with this movie was the changes made by the studio. Ben Urich works for the Daily Bugle, not the New York Post. The costumes are different. The Kingpin is not black. I can forgive the last one as Micheal Clarke Duncan played the Kingpin to perfection.

The other cheif complaint I had is that 20th Century Fox never made a sequel. The whole storyline in the comics of Matt Murdock being outed as Daredevil and every crook he put behind bars is released would’ve been a wonderfully fresh take on the superhero movie.

The special features offer some wonderful insight into the Daredevil universe.

Mrs. VS .5 pointed ears.
This is typical hubby movie. The scene where Elektra gets killed is gonna give me nightmares.

PIT #1 2 pointed ears
I’ve never read a Daredevil comic book. But it rocks. Elektra would’ve been a MUCH better movie if they’d kept the Daredevil cameo. I loved the mustard/coffee scene.

PIT #2 2 pointed ears
This a good superhero movie. It did a good job of introducing the character. Elektra did NOT count as a sequel to this movie. 20th Century Fox really needs to make a sequel or turn the motion picture rights back over to Marvel

PIT #3 1.95 pointed ears
They didn’t need the kissing/sex scene. I want a collapsible billy club/nunchuk/walking stick.

8.2 pointed ears out of 10. We do not own the Special Director’s edition. If you have a chance to see the Special Director’s edition I’d recommend it. According to the deleted scenes and director’s commentary there was a lot of good stuff cut out to make the time constraints laid out by the studio.


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Vulcan Stev’s month-late movie review… “The Dark Knight”

darkknight Originally posted at the Dire Cafe November 15, 2008

Christian Bale … Bruce Wayne / Batman
Heath Ledger … The Joker
Aaron Eckhart … Harvey Dent / Two-Face
Michael Caine … Alfred Pennyworth
Maggie Gyllenhaal … Rachel Dawes
Gary Oldman … James Gordon
Morgan Freeman … Lucius Fox

Reviewers VS, PIT #s 1, 2, & 3; Mrs.VS

9 pointed ears

Finally after months of waiting, The Dark Knight made it to our dollar theater. It was worth the wait. The theater was packed and the VS family had a wonderful time.

VS – 2 pointed ears:
I’m never one to believe hype. This movie however lived up to it. Loved Two-Face’s make-up, hated what the producers did to him (*Spoiler Alert* It’ll take some clever writing for Two-Face to show up in the next Batman movie). I’m glad that the door was left open for the Joker to return but wonder who they’ll be able to cast to play him to the perfection that Heath Ledger did.

Mrs VS – 1 pointed ear (sympathy vote):
This movie was simply a good excuse to go sit in a dark room with my husband’s arm around me (VS’s side note the seats at the dollar theater aren’t very conducive to cuddling). It was definitely a movie for my husband and kids

PIT #1 – 2 pointed ears:
Wanted to know if the Hispanic Female cop was Detective Montoya (VS side note, I’m raising such a good girl, she’ll make some geek a good wife someday). Loved the Two-Face makeup and was very distressed at the fact that the producers killed him off. Is now trying to guess at the villian for the third.

PIT #2 – 2 pointed ears:
Pointed out that physics alone would not allow a truck and trailer to crash in that manner. Was very distressed over the demise of the “coolest Batmobile ever”.

PIT #3 – 2 pointed ears:
“This was a very good movie Daddy, there was hardly any kissing in it”. Also very distressed at the Batmobile’s demise.

Overall, this movie was a good 2 & 1/2 hour diversion. Made me want to play Hank’s Gotham CSI

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