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Vulcan Stev family movie review: 2012

John Cusack …  Jackson Curtis
Amanda Peet …  Kate Curtis
Chiwetel Ejiofor …  Adrian Helmsley
Thandie Newton …  Laura Wilson
Oliver Platt …  Carl Anheuser
Thomas McCarthy …  Gordon Silberman
Woody Harrelson …  Charlie Frost
Danny Glover …  President Thomas Wilson
Liam James …  Noah Curtis
Morgan Lily …  Lilly Curtis
Zlatko Buric …  Yuri Karpov
Beatrice Rosen …  Tamara
Alexandre Haussmann …  Alec
Philippe Haussmann …  Oleg
Johann Urb …  Sasha

Summary from IMDb: Dr. Adrian Helmsley, part of a worldwide geophysical team investigating the effect on the earth of radiation from unprecedented solar storms, learns that the earth’s core is heating up. He warns U.S. President Thomas Wilson that the crust of the earth is becoming unstable and that without proper preparations for saving a fraction of the world’s population, the entire race is doomed. Meanwhile, writer Jackson Curtis stumbles on the same information. While the world’s leaders race to build “arks” to escape the impending cataclysm, Curtis struggles to find a way to save his family. Meanwhile, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of unprecedented strength wreak havoc around the world.

2009 * Columbia Pictures * PG-13 * 158 minutes

Vulcan Stev 1 pointed ear
This film has got to be filled with some of the greatest special effects I’ve ever seen.  It is not however, one of the greatest films ever.  2012 has a double meaning for this film, not only is it the year the movie takes place it also the number of disaster movies it rips off during its two and half hour run time.  If you like special effects for special effects sake and are longing to see all of your favorite disaster movies in one setting then by all means, this is a must see movie.  However, if you need a plot that actually makes or characters that you really care about, then I advise you to watch Volcano, The Day After Tomorrow, Earthquake, or The Poseidon Adventure.

Roland Emmerich has proven himself to be the quint-essential “Disaster Movie” director of our time.  However, not only did he try to shove too many disasters into this movie, his personal beliefs colored far too many scenes.  Based on this movie, I would have to guess that Mr. Emmerich is an atheist.  Every single character who takes time out for prayer or to exercise their religious beliefs (with the notable exception of a neophyte Buddhist monk) ends up dead.  In fact out of all the world’s monuments or symbols that Mr. Emmerich gleefully destroys on screen, the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio gets a significant amount of screen time.  The heavy-handed message of religion can’t save you couldn’t have been more obvious unless Mr Emmerich had made it part of the title.

There are lots of nice footage of global destruction.  It does nothing to rescue this film.  My boys and I had accurately predicted all but one of the deaths.  This movie is so full of clichés that the 2012 title could be referring to that as well.

PIT #2: 1 pointed ear
As a movie it made a bit of sense.  The quote on the front of the DVD packed reads “The Best Disaster Movie Ever”.  If by “Best Disaster Movie” they mean highest body count or most destruction then yes.   If they mean it has the bt story or best characters then no.  This is not movie in the strictest sense.  It is a series of special effects strung together by a weak plot.

Danny Glover would be a better President than Barack Obama

PIT #3: .5 pointed ears
The special effects were cool.  However this movie made no sense.  I didn’t understand it all.  2012 is also the number of times I asked Daddy why we were watching this movie.

2.5 pointed ears out of 6
Was this movie a complete WOT (waste of time)? no.  Will it be replayed over and over at the V.S. house? no.  Not recommended.

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Vulcan Stev Family Movie Review: Angels & Demons

Tom Hanks …  Robert Langdon
Ewan McGregor …  Camerlengo Patrick McKenna
Ayelet Zurer …  Vittoria Vetra
Stellan Skarsgård …  Commander Richter
Pierfrancesco Favino …  Inspector Olivetti
Nikolaj Lie Kaas …  Assassin
Armin Mueller-Stahl …  Cardinal Strauss
Thure Lindhardt …  Chartrand
David Pasquesi …  Claudio Vincenzi
Cosimo Fusco …  Father Simeon
Victor Alfieri …  Lieutenant Valenti
Franklin Amobi …  Cardinal Lamasse
Curt Lowens …  Cardinal Ebner
Bob Yerkes …  Cardinal Guidera
Marc Fiorini …  Cardinal Baggia

Synopsis from IMDb:
Despite his notorious relationship with the Church, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is once again called upon to decipher the clues to a catastrophic conspiracy. The Pope has died, and before conclave can begin to determine his successor, the four preferitti (primary hopefuls for the papacy) are kidnapped. An ominous threat of their hourly demise, along with the complete annihilation of Vatican City, is issued as an elaborate revenge scheme for a persecuted group known as the Illuminati. With their meager time limit steadily counting down, Langdon, accompanied by beautiful physicist Vittoria Vetra, must travel throughout Rome to unravel the carefully hidden signs that will lead them to a terrifying adversary, a harrowing discovery, and the shocking truth.

Reviewers VS, PIT #1, PIT #2, PIT #3

VS – 1.9 pointed ears
In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Christian.  Although I have differences of belief with Catholics over interpretations of some scripture, I harbor no ill-will towards them in general.  I have not read the Dan Brown novel on which this movie is based.  Ron Howard has made a much better movie than this time around.  He has crafted a thrill ride from start to finish.  This movie states, quite accurately that science and faith do NOT have to be mortal enemies.  In fact Robert Langdon says that faith is a gift.

The plot twist at the end completely took me by surprise.  If you’ve seen the movie or read the novel you know what twist I’m talking about.  If not, well I’m not going to spoiler it for you.  This movie flowed easily from start to finish.

PIT #1 – 2 pointed ears
Even though the novel Angels & Demons came before the DaVinci Code, the producers did a nice job of turning this movie into a sequel.  There were no “What the…?” moments everything flowed logically.  The plot twist caught completely by surprise, but it wasn’t a “Where the Heck did this twist come from” it was an “Oh My, THAT’S what was going on” twist.

This is not my last review for the database.  I’m just taking a basic training sabbatical.  I’ll be back when I can start watching movies again and e-mail Daddy my reviews.

PIT #2 – 2 pointed ears
The flow was logical and consistent even the surprise plot twist at the end.  This movie had a National Treasure feel to it.  I like the History Channel, and anytime history can be incorporated into a action-packed film I’ll be watching it.  I did not see this twist coming at all.

PIT #3 – 1.8 pointed ears
This movie was a little tough to understand.  I don’t think 10-year olds where the target audience.  There was NO kissing (Yay Ron Howard).  Once the action got going I liked the movie a little more.  Daddy doesn’t believe me, but I suspected the plot twist from the beginning.

Overall 7.7 out of 8
This is a good sequel to the DaVinci code.  There are some intense images of torture and mutilation in this film.  The language is kept down.  Families of faith do not need to be concerned about this film, although it does not “defend” the faith, it does not tear down the faith either.

Highly reccomended.

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