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Which D&D Metallic Dragon are you?

I found this interesting quiz the other day.

golddragonCool, I’m a Gold Dragon:

FREQUENCY: Very rare
ORGANIZATION: Solitary or clan
INTELLIGENCE: Genius (17-18)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful good
Gold dragons are wise, judicious, and benevolent. They often embark on self appointed quests to promote goodness, and are not easily distracted from them. They hate injustice and foul play. A bold dragon frequently assumes human or animal guise and usually will be encountered disguised. At birth, a gold dragons scales are dark yellow with golden metallic flecks. The flecks get larger as the dragons mature until, at the adult stage, the scales grow completely golden. Gold dragons speak their own tongue, a tongue common to all good dragons. Gold dragons usually parley before combat. A gold dragon has two breath weapons: a cone of fire 90 long, 5 wide at the dragons mouth, and 30 wide at the end or a cloud of potent chlorine gas 50long, 40 wide, and 30 high. At birth, gold dragons have water breathing ability, can speak with animals freely, and are immune to fire and gas. They can also polymorph. Gold dragons can eat almost anything, however, they usually sustain themselves on pearls or small gems. Gold dragons who receive pearls and gems from good or neutral creatures will usually be favorably inclined toward the gift bringers, as long as the gift is not presented as a crass bribe. In the latter case, the dragon will accept the gift, but react cynically to any requests the giver makes. Gold dragons can live anywhere. Their lairs are secluded and always made of solid stone, either caves or castles. These usually have loyal guards: either animals appropriate to the terrain, or storm or good cloud giants. The giants usually serve as guards though a mutual defensive agreement. Advanced Dungeons&Dragons 2nd Addition Monstrous Manual

Brave Adventurer, what be you?

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Stuck for a Prophecy?

Does your Dungeons & Dragons campaign need a prophecy?  Looking for something for a High Fantasy setting?  I found this site that generates random prophecies.  Here’s the one generated personally for me.

Vulcan Stev’s fantasy prophecy
Since before the umbra songs of the deep whales have said;
“Only when the hollow guard falls and the laughing machine prevails.
When the soulless tormentor reinforces their defenses and as the towns free their bonds.
Vulcan Stev will annex the Rast. They will romance the nomad.
Peace will reappear.”

What does it mean?  I’m sure it has something to do with Twitter and Oprah’s recent release of the Oprahoids thereon.

Feel free to share yours.

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