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stev_small140+ father of three.  I was ‘uncool’ before ‘uncool’ was cool.  This is not just my “geek” blog.  I’ll also be posting about my puppet team, businesses, and my wife’s struggle with breast cancer.

I run two vastly different businesses.  I am a graphic designer by trade and try to pay the bills by designing logos, websites, signs and such for the local area.  I also operate an Iowa Bottle Deposit Law Redmeption Center.

Mrs. VS and I just recently celebrated our 20th anniversary.  I plan on celebrating many more with her regardless of her cancer fight.

I have been a puppeteer since High School and currently manage a puppet team.  One Way Express provides the children’s message every Sunday morning at church.  We also do shows at local schools, nursing homes, and care centers.  Goober is my alter ego.  He’s about seven years old and is very much the annoying kid next door in the Dennis the Menace vein.

I am an avid comic book reader and have the complete Ultimate Marvel universe in graphic novel form.  I purchase graphic novels over monthly books for two reasons; 1: it’s cheaper, 2: graphic novels stand up better to the wear and tear of being passed around the family.  My favorite character is Spiderman, but I seem to have more Batman stuff than anything else.

I also enjoy movies.  I have over 500 DVDs in my collection.  We go see movies when they hit the local dollar theater (hence the reason my reviews a month late 😎 ).  I recently began reviewing movies from my collection as well.

Friday nights at the local youth center I run the local RPG gaming group.

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