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Meet the Clan

Since this is a blog about me, my hobbies, and my family, they’ll be showing up quite frequently in my blog posts.  Here’s a little bit about each

Vulcan Stev, age: 40-something.  Ad man for a local paper.  Father of three.  Likes action-adventure, SF, and comedy. Hasn’t found a movie yet that he’ll walk out of after paying for admission.  I enjoy comic books, RPG games, and reading.  I volunteer at my local church and run the Wednesday evening children’s program and the puppet team.  Every Sunday morning I provide the voice of Goober, the puppet who helps our pastor with his sermons.

Mrs Vulcan-Stev, at age 46 she lost her battle with cancer.  She will be missed by her family.  She will be remembered as a loving mother and wife.

Ashya T’Sai, my better half. We actually graduated from the same high school at the same time. Ashya was a member of the same science fiction literary club that I was in high school. Her interests and mine mirror each other so closely, that the only thing we disagree on is how to ingest caffeine. I prefer mine cold and carbonated, she prefers hers hot with two sugars and cream.

Private Black Spartan, formerly (P.I.T.) #1, young adult (F). Likes: SF, anime, romance. She’s the girl I wish I could’ve dated in high school (no funny jokes here). Her tastes in movies are remarkably similar to mine. She is a chip off the old block.  She is in the Army now and no longer resides at home.

Jazz – my adopted daughter. Pvt. Black Spartan asked Jazz to stick around the house after she went back to base. The reasoning was that with mommy gone, Daddy and the younger brothers needed a female around to make sure we didn’t kill ourselves doing something “bachelor stupid”. Jazz did what her friend asked and hasn’t left.

Soccer Dude – Ashya’s oldest. He’s a nice kid and fine young man. But he’s the kind of guy Ashya and I didn’t associate with in high school. As a junior he’s captain of the soccer team, has lettered every year. Seated number four on Tennis team his first year playing, consistently finishes in the top three in 5K’s that he runs for fun. Then to top it off, plays more musical instruments than I thought one person was capable of playing.

48 Fan, formerly P.I.T. #2, Driving Age teen (M) Likes: Action-Adventure, comedy, and some SF. He’s not as into SF as his older sister but I haven’t found a movie yet that he wouldn’t watch.  A High School student he is maturing into the man I know he will become.  He also provides the voice of Ricky.

The First Mate – Ashya’s youngest. He and the pirate are two little peas in a pod. He plays bass guitar and seems to think his primary mission in life is to sneak up on either his mother or I and attempt to scare us half to death. When he doesn’t have his laptop up and running to play online games with the pirate, they are outside shooting their air rifles.

The Pirate, formerly P.I.T. #3 tween (M) Likes movies. will watch anything and everything. He rates his movies on the number of stunts and things that blow up. Kissing (or other related “icky” stuff) always degrade his rating of the movie.  He enjoys his Gamecube, Pirates, and currently Godzilla.  He is desperately trying to distinguish himself apart from his siblings.  He is learning puppetry and occasionally provides the voice of Ricky’s younger brother Mickey.

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