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Order of the D30: Musical Acts in the Tavern

orderd30Today (April 22), I joined the Order of the D30. This is the first in a new series of articles that 194756I’m starting.  This series of articles all started the day I got my d30 and I’ve been working on them as inspiration hits.  Musical Acts in the Tavern is the first done.  The complete list of articles that are in various stages of development follow.  Links to be included once the listed post goes live.

Articles inf the D30 Series:
30 Reasons to Actually Enter the Dungeon
Weather Generator
Musical Acts in the Tavern
Random Monster Encounter
You Found What at the Side of the Road?

Your characters are sitting at the tavern.  Have you given any thought as to what music is playing.  Not to fear.  Take your handy d30 and roll on this list.

1.  Elf Techno Band
2.  Gnome Rock group (the band’s instruments are literally made out of rocks)
3.  Heavy Metal Barbarians
4.  Paladin Quartet
5.  A Kendar Folk Singer
6.  A Wizard Bagpipe Duet
7.  No musicians, just enchanted instruments
8.  Elvish Presley
9.  Elvish Impersonators
10. Lawrence Elf and his Big Band
11. The ‘Prince’ of the Land
12. Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes
13. The Fey
14. Brittany and her Spears
15. Dun Geon
16. Toe Knee Orl’ndo & Dawn
17. The Dire King and His Paladins
18. The Chatty Dungeon Rappers
19. Greywulf and the Children of the Night
20. Dr. Checkmate and his Minions of Evil
21. Viri the Bard of the Realm
22. Newbie and the Noobs
23. The Stargazers
24. Puff, the Magic Dragon
25. 3Point5
26. Josie and the Catoblepas
27. Bats in the Attic
28. Legends in Their Own Minds
29. The Dwarf and the Basilisk
30. Karaoke Night (your PCs need to make a skill check)

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