Pop Culture References of Wizard101: Lemuria – Wilma Deering

Heroes of Lemuria Part 12

Wilma Deering – Wilma Deering

Wilma Deering

Wilma sent Buck Gordon to find Duck Savage. She and the Lemurs started a resistance when the sky changed and strange mana started to arrive.

Wilma Deering is a fictional character featured in the various iterations of Buck Rogers which have spanned many media over the years. She first appeared in the 1928 August issue of Amazing Stories as the first person Buck met when awakening in the future. She was an integral part of the comic strip, the 1939 Buster Crabbe serials, and the 1979 NBC TV series.

Wilma Deering paperdoll – Newspaper issued Buck Rogers premium card from 1932-1934

Through all the versions of Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering has maintained some clear characteristics. She is a sometimes-romantic interest for Buck, always a loyal defender of Earth, and an attractive and smart woman. She is generally depicted as brave with a penchant for getting herself into trouble. As with other science fiction heroines from the pulp science fiction genre and others, she has sometimes been depicted as a damsel in distress but more often as an assertive adventurer. In this way, her character resembles that of Dale Arden of the Flash Gordon comic books and movie serials, and also the character Lois Lane from Superman.

Amazing Stories, August 1928

Wilma Deering appeared in the very first Buck Rogers story, the novella Armageddon 2419 A.D. (1928), and the basic elements are present. She is depicted as adventurous, heroic and beautiful, and a romantic interest for the hero.

These articles on the Heroes of Lemuria are what got me started on my quest to catalog all of the pop culture references in Wizard101. This is the twelfth of sixteen Lemurian articles put together to allow younger players to see the inspirations for characters and creatures within this wonderful game .

Text for this article has been excerpted from the wiki articles linked above.

Wilma Deering image is from Wizard101, and so is copyright of KingsIsle Entertainment.

Ownership of the Buck Rogers characters is currently claimed by the Dille Family Trust though that claim is currently being contested in the court of law. Wilma Deering cutout is from the 1932-34 Buck Rogers collector card series, it is in the public domain and was found on Pinterest. Amazing Stories August 1928 cover is in the public domain. It was found via a Goggle search

Images used in this article are used in a way that qualifies as fair use under US copyright law.

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