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Dmeotivational Poster: Spock’s Emotional Control

Either Spock is having a REALLY bad day or Vulcan emotional control is no match for the power of the Abram’s lens flares.

March 25, 2011 - Posted by | Demotivational Posters, Fluff/Inspiration, Star Trek | , , , , , ,


  1. I’m sure he’s screaming in a very calm way. Like a proper Vulcan.

    Comment by That Tim | March 26, 2011

  2. Vulcan anger is THE most logical anger in the Universe.

    Comment by Kevin | March 28, 2011

  3. Hi Vulcan Stev,
    I’m a Medical Doctor / Psychologist and would love to use this image in a hadnout I am creating for clients are struggling with emotional control in one way or another. It will be used purely for healthcare/education, not for profit.
    Hope this is OK with you?!
    Dr Kingsley Mudd MBBS FRACGP
    Townsville Queensland Australia

    Comment by Kingsley Mudd | September 14, 2011

  4. @Dr Kingsley – Please feel free. All I ask is for a credit somewhere on the handout.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | September 15, 2011

  5. Absolutely. I’ll put “illustration by Vulcan Stev,” in the footer of the handout.

    I appreciate your generosity!


    Comment by Kingsley Mudd | September 26, 2011

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