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Demotivational Poster: The U.S.S. Enterprise

Seriously, the Federation seems to leave its home planet very undefended.  The only time the Enterprise wasn’t the only ship in the quadrant was when the Borg attacked at Wolf 359.  Everyone else was wiped out.

I really want the job of Chief of Logistics for Starfleet.  Apparently all (s)he has to do is put the Enterprise in one quadrant and move everyone else to the other side of the galaxy.


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  1. Well, it made sense in the original Star Trek as they were always out on the outer edge of explored space. In TNG, not so much.

    Comment by seaofstarsrpg | March 10, 2011

  2. @SoSrpg – True, but I guess the geeky, nit-picky Trekker inside of me would’ve preferred the show said the Enterprise was the only ship in the sector. I mean seriously, everyone else is in the Beta Quadrant?

    The Enterprise is the only ship left to defend Earth in how many movies and episodes?

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | March 10, 2011

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