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Demotivational Poster: Summer Glau

I count six so far.  Bonus points if you can name them.

February 15, 2011 - Posted by | Demotivational Posters, Firefly, Fluff/Inspiration, Science Fiction | , , , , , , , ,


  1. It’s so funny because it’s so true. I feel sorry for the poor woman, she picks great shows and the suits axe ’em every time 😦

    Comment by Acrobatic Flea | February 15, 2011

  2. Here’s hoping the Cape doesn’t get the axe. I really like the show.

    Comment by Ruminator | February 15, 2011

  3. According to, NBC has axed The Cape

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | February 16, 2011

  4. The Internet has given too many geeks better things to do on Friday nights (and every other night) than watch science fiction, superhero, or fantasy television shows so they are almost all struggling unless they have strong mainstream crossover appeal, and the projects that Summer Glau keeps getting cast for (with the possible exception of her guest spot on The Big Bang Theory) don’t have a lot of mainstream crossover appeal.

    Comment by John | March 5, 2011

  5. Anyone who has seen Joss Whedon’ Firefly or film spinoff Serenity can attest to the fact that Summer Glau is one butt-kickin’ babe

    Comment by henry | June 30, 2011

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