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Whatever happened to Stev’s Database?

Stev’s Database is described as a place where Stev talks about his games, movies, and anecdotal stories about his family. So why are we getting a demotivational poster nearly every day?

There’s a few reasons for this: I’m still getting a handle on the new shift in schedule of being a single dad. The family still watches movies, I’m just finding it difficult to sit down and write. We still play our games, I’ve got an article in the works about Munchkin. Again, I’m finding that my kids take priority. I’m also in the planning stages of my future with Ashya, that takes precedence over writing.

I didn’t want to let the blog go away, so I began sharing demotivational posters that I found entertaining as a way to provide some quick fresh content. I discovered that there’s a lot of demotivational posters out there but not a lot of them that are family friendly. So I began to make my own.

Wouldn’t you know that these are becoming popular in their own right. Yesterday’s search statistics indicate that 50% of my traffic comes looking for the posters. So I’ll keep them coming. I’ve got three original ones scheduled for this week.

I’ll also keep the other articles coming. But I want to know from my regular visitors, what subjects would you like to see in my original posters?

More D&D? Genre Movies? Politics? Classic Cartoons? Leave your votes in the comments

Do you have a specific idea for a poster? drop me a line vulcanstev ‘shift2’ hotmail ‘dot’ com Demotivational idea in the subject line.

Since the posters are popular, I want to make the ones you’d like to see. Today’s Van Helsing poster came about because that happened to be the number one search term to find my blog yesterday.


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  1. D&D and movies suits me fine – but not politics. Not because I agree or disagree with your politics, but well… it’s American politics and I’m a Brit, so I’d rather read about D&D and movies 😉

    Comment by acrobatic flea | September 28, 2010

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