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Demotivational Posters: Continuity

It wasn’t that folks were tired of Star Trek that killed off Enterprise.  It was the fact that it had a producer who despised continuity and his fanbase.

Gamemasters take note, ignore your continuity at your own peril.  Your players won’t like it.


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  1. So friggin’ right. I so wanted to like this series about the beginning of it all and they just went in some weird ass directions instead.

    Comment by AJ Butterwick | September 1, 2010

  2. So right, so sad. I had such high hopes for this series. The first three seasons floundered and flopped around the “Temporal Cold War” nonsense, as well as the “Continuity? We don’t need no steenkeen’ continuity” style of writing. And just as things were beginning to look up, they cancelled the show and shot it in the head with the worst series finale I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch.

    Oh, Gene. Look what they’ve done….

    Comment by Calvin | September 10, 2010

  3. I don’t fault Berman and company for the “Temporal Cold War” that subplot was demanded by the suits at the network who wanted some “jeoprady” for the franchise over the mistaken notion that no one would watch a series about the early days of a already established Federation unless there was the possibility of it going away.

    I do fault Berman and ESPECIALLY Braga for continuing the stupidity of the temporal cold war, the Ferengi and Borg episodes, and everything that flew in the face of continuity.

    Entrerprise would have run for the full seven seasons if season 4 was run as season 2.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | September 11, 2010

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