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When it rains it pours…

I’m trying to get back into my normal routine.  The week of Virginia’s passing is now behind me.  Her funeral was yesterday.  It surprised me just how many people cared enough for my wife to take time out of their schedule mourn her passing and celebrate her life.  The service was beautiful and everything Virginia would’ve wanted.

I’m waiting for a copy of the funeral message to be e-mailed to me and I will then post it here.

Today, I went back to work for the first time in a week.  Before I could find out how much work was waiting for me, I had to deal with the fact that our Paper had been broken into.  Somebody busted in last night and cleaned out the till as well as stole all the camera equipment.  We had to wait until the sheriff’s department was done dusting for fingerprints.  Once done we were able to get back to work as we’ve still go a paper to get out this week.

I’ve still got lawyers to deal with.  I’ve got to have Virginia legally declared before the kids and I have access to her life insurance and retirement.  I don’t want to declare her gone.  I’d rather have Virginia back.  Short of that her will stipulates that her insurance is to be used to help raise the boys.  It should be enough that I don’t have to worry immediately about finding another job.

I’m discovering just how much work taking care of a house actually is.  I’m hoping that the boys will start helping pick up the slack.  Part of why I have nothing else in the queue is because I finished up some laundry and had to put away all the food that got sent home from the funeral.

I still miss Virginia.

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  1. You’ll adapt. G-d will show you the way. Believe it. It’s hard, but it’s not more than you’re able to carry.

    Comment by Berin Kinsman | May 17, 2010

  2. The best thing I can tell you is cook alot on your weekend and have the boys dip into those prepackaged meals that you’ll end up freezing. Worked for my kids when they were growing up.

    Comment by Gary Weller | May 17, 2010

  3. Still praying for you. TJ spoke at a baccaleaureate yesterday. His talk was on whether when we are gone from this world we will leave behind “Titles” or “testimonies”. As his closing story he shared about Virginia. Virginia had the title of wife, mom, interpreter….but what Virginia really worked on was her testimony. Tj told of Virginia’s love and sacrifice for Stephen. One day V. came to TJ and asked if he would like her to start coming to the Herd to interp. for him….she said “He has been coming for a few months and he has NO idea it has anything to do with God!” LOL TJ of course said YES…we NEED you! And we did. TJ shared that V. came faithfully even when S. was not always esp. grateful….V. invested in S….just as she invested in many many others. She was faithful…and she left behind a testimony…..many testimonies I imagine. TJ told the students that in their lives they will achieve many titles…but not to forget the importance and priority of leaving behind testimonies….like Virginia.
    Wanted you to know….
    love to you
    Dina Hanken

    Comment by Dina H | May 17, 2010

  4. Yuck, paperwork :-/ I second what Gary says about cooking and freezing, but try not to do it all on the weekend; just cook extra when you can and freeze, or get the boys to make some quick and easy dishes. Hugs.

    Comment by cassey | May 18, 2010

  5. What my dear son failed to mention is that mom and sister are already and have been cooking for them for the past few weeks. That won’t stop because the youngest son is in baseball and life goes on. Don’t worry all you his friends, he has a lot of family right here to help.

    Comment by JoAnne Nibbelink | May 18, 2010

  6. I second Cassey — don’t cook all weekend. Save time for yourself and being with family. Together you all will slowly learn to heal.

    I bet if you searched Lifehacker for cooking tips it would have a few that might help. 🙂

    Comment by Matt | May 18, 2010

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