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Cancer Crisis: Back in the UIHC

Friday (7th), my sister called me at work.  She had called my wife on the phone and could not understand her.  Alli went over to the house and found my wife in an incoherent state.  Alli stated that had she not known my wife better, she would’ve sworn Virginia had been drunk.  Gin was babbling, repetitive, obsessive, and hard to understand.  Alli called the doctor at UIHC.  UIHC told her to get Gin to ER stat.

The ambulance crew came and got Virginia.  She was packing up a CARE package for Pvt Black Spartan and had some kitchen knives in her hands.  The ambulance crew had to forcibly remove the knives from Virginia.  Virginia refused to leave without her phone (it was in her pocket).  Finally the crew got her in the ambulance and transported her to Grundy County Memorial.  The floor doctor at GCMH is our old family doctor.  Dr. O looked at Virginia and determined her condition was a unitentional drug overdose from either a low tolerance to the new drugs Virginia is on or an accidental intake of too much.

UIHC determined after this diagnosis to have Gin transported via ambulance to their facility in Iowa City.  According to Mapquest this is a 108.39 miles trip door to door.  At this point my boss basically threw me out the door and told me to get my butt to Iowa City.  I went home and picked up the P.I.T.s and all three of us went to Iowa City.

When we finally got there, we discovered that Iowa City had transferred Gin to the Cardiac Unit for the purpose of monitoring all of her vitals all night long.  Today the UI doctors will evaluate her condition and beginning running tests to determine what drug is affecting Gin or what combination of drugs is affecting her.

UIHC is telling me that her condition is serious but stable.  The P.I.T.s and I are covering a news story for the paper today.  Gin has her brother and some friends sitting with her today.  Tomorrow I will be going to UIHC to sit with her.  More updates as they become available.

May 8, 2010 - Posted by | Life near an Iowa Cornfield


  1. I know it may sound strange coming from a guy across the ocean but im glad there is good people looking after your wife. Thinking about you guys today.

    Comment by Bob | May 8, 2010

  2. Steve, we’re praying for Virginia to receive God’s healing touch, for you and the kids, as well as extended family, for strength and encouragement, and finally for the medical staff there for God’s guidance and knowledge in determining the lastest cause and in proper treatment. May God hold you all close to Him. God bless!
    Michelle & Steve

    Comment by Steve & Michelle Cox | May 8, 2010

  3. Thoughts and prayers as ever, my friend. Give her a hug from us, ‘kay?

    Comment by greywulf | May 8, 2010

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