What Ployhedral Dice are you?

This meme has been getting a LOT of recent press on the blogs.

Apparently I’m a D8. Apparently the D8 is MORE heroic than the other dice. I don’t get it. Does this mean that the D4 is inherently less heroic? Is the D20 more chaotic neutral? Towards that end I have added my own two cents to the mix.

D4 – You are set in your ways.  When presented with options your choice is oddly predictable.

D6 – You are one of the crowd.  You conform with the general population.

D8 – Although not to far removed from the mundane.  You manage to find just enough dissimilarities to set yourself apart from the crowd.

D10 – People look to you whenever a major decision needs to be made.  Your opinion  means a lot to folks.

D12 – Your skills aren’t apparent to most folks.  However once folks find out what you are good at they find you indispensible.

D20 – You are the go to guy.  Everyone wants to be you.  Everyone wants to have you on their side.

D30 – You are Unique.  There is no classifying you.  No one is quite sure what to do with you but you’re cool with that.

I’m  a D30 and Proud of it.

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