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Cancer Crisis: So Doctor, what exactly is causing this?

I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, but we had friends stop by to help us with some house cleaning.  It’s kind of difficult to sit on one’s butt whilst others are cleaning your house.

We got the results of the X-Ray and the urinalysis.  Both came back clear.  This means that there is no infection causing her temperature spikes.  According to what I’ve been able to piece together by what Dr. S. is NOT saying this is not a good thing.  It means to sole cause of Virginia’s temp spikes is the cancer-infested liver.

As long as the spikes do not go above 100.4 we’re stuck until the next appointment for some answers.

Next Doctor appointments: April 30 – Naturopath, May 4 – Dr. R in Iowa City

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  1. Getting concerned! This afternoon my temp was 95.7. Another day this week it was 96.2, two hours later it was 99.7. Go figure.

    My stamina, or lack thereof, is concerning me. It is difficult to go up stairs. I work on the third floor. Moving around the house is getting to be taxing. Although I sit at work now to conserve energy, going to specials takes its toll.

    Also concerning me is driving. I have noticed I am veering to the left side of the road. Praise God for thunder strips, but it is concerning driving into W’loo everyday.

    I think my time of working is drawing to a close. Since I don’t have enough sick days that means unpaid medical leave. At least I will have my insurance for the rest of the contract year.

    Looking forward to what I can learn from Dr. Meador, the Naturopathic doctor.

    Comment by Mrs VulcanStev | April 25, 2010

  2. Virginia – I pray God will help you in his infinite wisdom and compassion. He knows the plan for your life. Thanks for sharing the information. – Christine

    Comment by Christine | April 26, 2010

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