The ABCs of Movies the Vulcan Stev family enjoy

Part of my prescribed therapy for dealing with the curveball life threw this direction is to write.  I still haven’t managed to coax anything creative out of my synapses.  So instead I offer this ABC listing of movies enjoyed by Stev and the P.I.T.s.  Some of these are series and some are single movies.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
The Chronicles of Riddick
Death Race
Escape from New York
Fast & Furious
Gone in 60 Seconds
The Hunt for Red October
It’s  a Mad, Mad, Mad World
The Karate Kid
Lethal Weapon
Mad Max
National Treasure
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Quantum of Solace and the previous 21 James Bond films
Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones
Star Wars (Star Trek gets its own primer later)
V for Vendetta
Yankee Buccaneer (and every other Pirate movie in existence)


  1. Very good list – we share similar tastes in movies.

    You should rewatch Buckaroo Banzai. I did a month or two ago and now it’s on my list. 🙂

  2. Thanks Stuart, the problem with a list like this is that there’s only room for one at each letter. So things can ge left out. Buckaroo Banzai is enjoyed by the family. In fact we did a review on it not too long ago.

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