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Mrs. Vulcan Stev’s Fight: I am a cancer survivor!

Sorry, this status report is so long in coming. I have been struggling with making myself sit down to write. Writing is not a favorite activity of mine, so its really no surprise that my kids don’t like to write either.
I have been back to work interpreting in the schools since the beginning of the school year. God has again placed me in the best situation possible with work. I am at the elementary level this year with one student. She has a deaf ed teacher there part of the day, so I am not signing all day long. I do get a break.
As many of you know I finished Chemo at the end of August, started radiation treatments mid-September, finished those the beginnig of November, then had my port removed. I was told that the weeks following radiation treatment would be the worst as far as fatigue. They weren’t kidding! I physically wiped out over Thanksgiving.
I took December slow and easy. I cut out a lot of things I normally do for the holidays. I got on to facebook to relax and not over exert myself. My counselor is glad I have taken time for myself to relax. I, however, struggle with the things that don’t get done.
I like my husband’s comment on facebook as to how I am. Physically every thing is checking out fine. Emotionally is a bit slower.
Especially hard for me is dealing with financial issues. I really don’t want to face them, but I know it is inevitable.
I unexpectedly had an emotionally topsy turvy time with my check-up at the Breast Care Center. Recently I have felt more down, I’m wondering if I have missed some doses of my meds.
My car issues I hope are soon over. I have purchased my dad’s car. After some repairs it should be a good car.
Winter has been rough on my right shoulder that tends to go out of place. Shoveling has been no help at all. Praise the Lord the temperatures are finally going up and melting the snow.
Have a wonderful March!

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