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An unplanned hiatus….

Vulcan Stev’s Database will be undergoing a brief and hopefully short hiatus.

Someone in the VS household covered over both the modem and router with paperwork and then forgot to turn them off.  The subsequent overheating has caused an unpredictability in internet service as the modem and router will cease working at random times.

Until I can get both the modem and router replaced, the database will be silent.

I WILLbe back.  Expect an announcement in the usual spots once I’m back on more firm internet footing.


July 5, 2009 - Posted by | Life near an Iowa Cornfield, RPG |

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  1. Well that’s not fun. Unpredictable access is frustrating and in some ways worse than no access at all.

    Be back soon!

    (9/10ths of the way complete on a certain render for you, btw)

    Comment by greywulf | July 6, 2009

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