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My Dad: A Father’s Day Tribute.

I am blessed.

My Dad has been there for me and my siblings for over 40 years.  He has provided me counsel when I needed it, discipline when I needed it, and a firm hand of guidance for forty-two (and counting) years.

My Dad has taught me that there is a power greater than us and that faith is an important part of life. 

My Dad taught me that taking life too seriously is a sure fire way to grow old before one’s time.

My Dad taught me that there IS a difference between being a Father and being a Daddy.

My Dad taught to poke holes in the absurdities and to never let sleeping idiocracies lie.

My Dad taught me that “Laughter is the Best Medicine” is not just a Reader’s Digest headline.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all the men beside Dad who have had hand in shaping my life.

Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s enjoy your day.

My Dad taught me to enjoy what you do for a living and it will never be work.


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  1. Thanks Steve, that meant a lot. But it’s easy to be a good Dad when you’ve got a wonderful wife and four of the greatest kids in the world producing 15 unbelievable grandkids! I am TRULY blessed. Dad

    Comment by Gary Nibbelink | June 21, 2009

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