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Coming Soon to your FLGS (or not)

Inspired by recent Twitter posts from the folks I follow:

Coming Soon to your favorite local gaming store –

Consensus D&D– All of the rules you love from your favorite RPG and none of the ones you hate.  Available just as soon as we have a consensus.

Edition Wars the RPG – Everyone builds the same character in each of the available editions.  Bonuses are given to the number of rule books necessary to build your character.

Geek’s Dream Girl the RPG – Each of the PCs plays one of E’s assistants trying to find dates for geeks when the only available pool of dates plays an edition that the geek loathes.

GenCon the RPG– Your character tries in vain to navigate the dealers room dungeon whilst simultaneously trying to attend the gaming session you signed up for and the WotC’s panel on D&D 5e.

Pirates of the Flamish Main– You constantly fire off salvos of hate and mistrust at the company responsible for the “downfall” of your favorite game while posting your own scanned .pdfs of their material.

Do you like these?  hate these? have a better idea?  Leave suggestions in the comments.


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