Order of the D30: The Infinity Rings

orderd30Another article for the Order of the D30.

An Infinity Ring gives it’s wearer it’s infinite ability as long as the ring is worn.  The Infinity Rings are listed below.  These rings were forged by a wizard with a strange sense of humor, a very strange sense of humor.  The rings have impressive sounding names but don’t usually provide any help to the wearer.  The rings are magnetically repulsive to each other and as such a wearer is only allowed to wear one at any time.  In fact if the PC is wearing one of the Infinity Rings any of the others will be pushed out of reach.  The rings are made out of solid gold and the distinctive infinity symbol adorns each ring.  There have been many forgeries made throughout the years.  If you find one for sale, it’s probably a forgery, probably.  Some of the forgeries have even been enchanted in order to fool lower lever magic users.

Roll on the table for which Ring the PC found.  The PC should NOT be aware of which ring they have found.

The Ring of Infinite:
1. Trivia Knowledge – i.e. The PC knows that the artifact was forged by an armorer whose middle name is Warren, but the knowledge doesn’t actually help the party.
2. Appeal – Animals love you, all animals.
3. Spectrum – Every day your skin is a new color.
4. Pockets – Every day something random appears in one of your pockets, always the same pocket.  If the item is not removed it vanishes (Item is at GM discretion and must physically fit in the pocket).
5. Stupidity – No matter how intelligent the player’s suggestion is, the other PCs will believe it to be a stupid idea.  The smarter and more intelligent the idea, the dumber everyone will believe it to be.  Highly intelligent PCs will eventually figure out the correlation.
6. Sidekicks – A young squire feels compelled to follow the PC at the beginning of the quest.  He is destined to die horribly before the quest is over.  There is nothing the PC can do to save him.  A new one will follow after the squire dies.
7. Pancakes – All you can eat pancakes whenever the PC stops at a tavern.
8. Awareness – PC is no longer able to be surprised.
9. Contact – The PC runs into the same NPC everywhere.
10. Awkwardness – The PC is no longer able to articulate themselves around members of the opposite sex.
11. Smoothness – The PC is able to charm the opposite sex with a bonus to any applicable roll.
12. Surprise – Something strange and wonderful happens to the PC each session.
13. Explosions – At least once per session something explodes due to the PC’s efforts.
14. Beer – One of the PCs canteens is now a bottomless fount of beer.
15. Backfire – Magic users standing next to the PC have their spells go harmlessly wonky.
16. Death – The PC dies horribly at the end of each session.  However at the start of the next of the next session the PC is back all XP and inventory intact.
17. Weather – The PC is now able to accurately predict the weather but only if the PC is being sarcastic about the forecast.  If the PC states it’s probably raining in the dungeon, it is.
18. Pets – The PC gains one new swarming pet each session.
19. Healing – PC can no longer be taken to complete death, at least one hit point will remain.  At the point of 1 hit point the pC falls into a coma until 10% of full HP is recovered.
20. Negative Misunderstanding – NPCs will constantly misunderstand the PC with negative results.
21. Positive Misunderstanding – NPCs will constantly misunderstand the PC with positive results.  
22. Invisibility – At will the PC can become invisible, only the PC.  Clothing and weapons are still visible
23. Light – Rings casts of small glow in the dark as long as PC is awake.  Does not dispel magical darkness.
24. Fire – PC is able to light campfires or torches but not much else.
25. Status – PC is perceived as royalty by peasants and as high-ranking nobility by royalty but the perception is equated to the alignment of the royalty of the land.  Unless the PC is Royalty than they are perceived as lowly status
26. Lookout – PC now has a sixth sense about any attack.  Just enough of a warning to duck.
27. Geckos – Every encounter ends with a talking Gecko attempting to sell the PC insurance.
28. Impact – At least once per session the PC rolls percentiles.  Beating the DM high something good hits the PC on the head.  Missing low, something bad like an anvil falls. (Thanks to Dr. Checkmate for the name for this one).
29. Goat Witness – No matter where you are or what you are doing, when you look over your left shoulder a goat is watching you. (Thanks to Bob Schafer for this one)
30. Forgery – I never said there were 30 rings did I.  The ring is mildly enchanted to grant the PC some minor magical ability but it isn’t a Ring of Infinity.

My thanks to Quest for the Staff of Genesis players for some of these ideas.

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