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Day 163 of Being a Cancer Survivor

rib4Once again in her own words.  Editor’s note: This was written on Saturday June 13

I had my Dr. Appointment with the Oncologist Friday. I asked about the fevers I have been spiking and took antibiotics for. I refused to go to ER the last (third) time due to they weren’t finding anything and I was already taking the antibiotic. I asked if maybe it might be due to the fact that I have hay fever and the Taxol is made from plants and trees; so could the fevers be a reaction to the plants. His response was basically “maybe.” He also said it may have been an infection actually in the port. Those infections don’t show up in their tests. A rather contradictory statement to the one I got from the Breast Care Center (the ones that put in the port) where I was told that I would have much worse symptoms if there was an infection in the port.

The end result is to wait and see what happens with these next two treatments. I will see the doctor again on June 26. The reason for this is my white blood cell counts are staying close or in the normal range for one not undergoing chemotherapy. (Thanks to the Xango juice I am downing. Xango juice is made from the mangosteen fruit and has lots of antioxidant and xanthones. The xanthones boost the immune system – the white blood cells. Its a pretty hefty expense each month but it is doing what I wanted.) As such they are not so worried about things like pneumonia, or other terrible diseases that most people can fend off. So all I have to do is bring the fevers down with Tylenol unless I start experiencing other symptoms along with it.

I asked about taking probiotics to replace the digestive bacteria, since the antibiotics kill all bacteria not just the bad ones. He looked at the bottle and said it was great that I would do that, he wished more patients would spend the money to do that.

I had one nurse comment on the fact that I actually had a smile on my face. I was feeling pretty good that day. I have also been on an anti-depressant for about two weeks perhaps that is making a noticeable difference. I did end up crying though during my chemotherapy treatment. It took forever for them to get me started, my parents had taken off shopping, and I was reading one of my books on cancer. I had quit reading about cancer because every time I did I cried. I was suppose to read all I could about cancer – the more you know the better.

My treatments for the last few weeks and at least my next two are at Covenant Hospital. They do things differently than the Cancer Center and it takes FOREVER to do. My appointment was at noon and I didn’t get done until four o’clock. According to my Dad I really scared the nurse on duty at the end. I had fallen asleep the last half hour. I was aroused to a rather loud “Are you okay? Are you okay?” She had apparently tried to arouse me before and had no response so she began to wonder if I had expired.

The late in the day and lengthy treatments means that my son will not be able to drive me. He needs to be in Holland to meet the Pepsi truck which comes in mid to late afternoon. I have drivers for the next two weeks. But if my treatments continue to be at Covenant I will need for other weeks too. Let me know if this is somethings you can do. It is a good time to go shopping in Waterloo, as you do not have to stay with me during treatments.

Today I have been feeling pretty good. My temperature has been holding at my normal (the 97’s) or lower than my normal. I have done a lot of work this afternoon. My parents didn’t leave until eleven o’clock. So I really didn’t get started on my day until after that. I really want to write my daughter today and I think that will end my day.


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  1. Thanks, Stev, for the update. Let Mrs. Stev know that we are all pulling for her.

    Comment by Hank Harwell | June 15, 2009

  2. @Hank – Will do.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | June 15, 2009

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