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Dungeons & Dragons Edition Wars: Advanced D&D

add2phbAdvanced Dungeons and Dragons, heralded by many for the diverse settings and options for play.  Reviled by just as many for adding a complexity that redefined the word “crunch”.  THAC0 is reportedly a difficult mechanic to master.

However AD&D has some of the more fascinating scenarios ever developed for the game.  Do you want to add Genies and an Arabian feel to your game? Run an Al-Qadim setting.  Space Travel? Spell Jammer.  Ghosts? Ghostwalk.  Do you want to actually play a Dragon? make sure you’ve got a copy of Council of Wyrms.

This is the version of the game that PIT#1 started playing when she was invited to an RPG group outside the home by her friends.  After gaming with her friends and new D&D for awhile, she invited Daddy to come along.  Bill, our DM, shares my sense of humor.  We’re having a ball.

My Favorite memory from AD&D: Our DM had planned out this extended campaign.  He cackled with glee as he described the opening scenario.  Every time we  encountered a monster our dice rolls went badly.  Suddenly PIT #3 comes up with an INSPIRED piece of RP.  Our DM looked at my 10-year old son with disbelief on his face and asked him to roll percentiles.  PIT #3 beat the roll and our DM’s disbelief suddenly shifted to a “now-what-do-I-do?” expression.  PIT #3 gained mega XP and high fives from the rest of the party’s players.  Suddenly PIT#1’s tag-along little brother was an accepted part of the group.

What I like best about AD&D: Gnomes, I can get the books cheap on Ebay.  My kids enjoy playing this version and we have a wonderful DM.

What do I dislike about AD&D: THAC0 ’nuff said.

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