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Dungeon Dramas: A Random Plot Hook from PITs 2 & 3

rsc01Welcome back to Dungeon Dramas, my ongoing series of plot hooks as developed by the random roll of my Story Cubes.  

 Today’s plot hooks are being developed by PITs #2 & #3.  They have both expressed an interest in being more active participants in this blog.   As Rory has advertised that these cubes can be used by all ages, I’m adding Dungeon Dramas to their review duties.

We rolled a tree, a magnifying glass, a question mark, an alien, a magnet, a compass rose, an arrow, a skyscraper, and a moon.

PIT #2 – What if aliens were suddenly sucked from the moon to the city.  The resulting change in the atmosphere causes the forest to grow in strange directions.  The PCs have been called to investigate.

PIT #3 – A tree portal in the forest leads directly to the moon.  You discover a complete civilization there.  However, magnetized traps hold you in place until the aliens come and challenge you to a magic archery contest.  After besting the aliens the PCs need to determine why the portal in the forest leads to the moon.  Clues are found in various places on the moon.

VS – Investigating strange magnetic readings in the city, the PCs determine that beings not from this dimension are stealing the treasures of the moon goddess that have been on display in the city’s museum.  Their quest is to track the beings and return the treasures to the goddess’ temple hidden in the forest.

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