Dungeon Dramas: A Random Plot Hook guest post by Ravyn

rsc01Welcome back to Dungeon Dramas, my ongoing series of plot hooks as developed by the random roll of my Story Cubes.  Today’s Dungeon Drama is guest written by Ravyn from Exchange of Realities.  She is graciously helping me out during a very hectic busy time.

Rolling for her we get; drama masks, the letter ‘L’, the Monster Within, a key, somebody sleeping, a lightning bolt, an abacus, an apple, and a rainbow.  What did Ravyn come up with as her Dungeon Drama?

 This is a metaplot, to add on top of your current story.  Your PCs dream in unison, of an antagonist important to their story (can be active or recently defeated).   He appears somewhere they all can see him, but only for a moment—there a heartbeat, gone the next.   Again and again until they finally react.  He appears somewhere they all can see him, but only for a moment—there a heartbeat, gone the next.  And again until they react.  If they follow him, they see him enter some sort of ruin, and a prismatic wall covers the entrance; they’ll need to go in another way.   Make it through this dungeon in 12 days, the reward is an understanding related to the antagonist which will be useful in their current plot.

Kudos.  Ravyn then asked if this is what I was looking for.  It’s not what I would have come up with, but then she’s not me. 😎

How about you?  Interested in writing a guest Drama here at the Database? drop me an e-mail vulcanstev (shift-2) hotmail (dot) c o m or leave a comment.

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