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Day 146 of being a Cancer Survivor

rib4Wow has it really been over a  monthsince the last update on Mrs VS?  I guess so.  She is done with the bi-weekly treatments and has started the weekly doses.  Her folks have come down to be here for the graduation of PIT #1.  The stress of everything was causing her some problems.  Her white cell count was down last week and Dr. S. postponed last week’s treatment until this week to give her the weekend of graduation at full strength.

We went to PIT #1’s graduation (that’ll still be her code name here even though she is now a full fledged Paladin) on Sunday 24th.  Memorial Day we went to a Renaissance Faire and spent a good portion of the day in drizzle.  We had fun but I’ll fill in those details in another post.  Tuesday, I went back to work with Mrs. VS feeling a little tired from the long weekend.  Had to make a Can Company run after work and was gone for most of the day.

When I got home Tuesday evening, Mrs. VS was complaining of feeling cold.  She took her temp and discovered it was 100.9.  Now concerned about her temp and under orders from the Oncologist to report anything of the like she called the doctor’s 24-hour line.  We were told to get to ER, NOW!  Not a problem, I’ll get her to the local ER.  She is after all the woman I pledged to love honor and protect.

Not so fast the doctor sez, you need to go to Allen Hospital in the city.  OK that’s a 40 minute drive one-way and it is currently 9:20 at night.  We get the PITs ready for bed, get in the car and go.  We finally get to ER at a little after10:00 pm.  Three hours later, Mrs. VS is diagnosed with a severe Viral Syndrome, or as us common folk call it, a cold.  Tired beyond belief at this point, we get back in the car and drive home arriving there at about 2:00 am.  The alarm went off at 6:00 am to wake me for work.

Mrs. VS stayed home all day Wednesday sleeping off her Viral Syndrome.  Today, she went in to get her chemo treatment.  Unfortunately the Oncologist’s office had forgotten to order her meds.  She went on a merry goose chase trying to get chemo done at one of the hospitals.  After a nice round of “Bureaucracy” (RPG coming soon) it was determined that she’d have her chemo treatment tomorrow.

That covers Mrs. VS but doesn’t even scratch the surface here at the VS household.  Look for an Iowa Cornfield post soon.

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  1. You realize that there are some strange people who’d probably play Bureaucracy the RPG ( )

    Comment by Ruminator | May 29, 2009

  2. As far as the ex-PiT’s designation is concerned, she could be referred to as ‘Probie-Paladin.’

    Just a thought.

    Comment by Hank Harwell | May 30, 2009

  3. @Ruminator *shudder*

    @Hank – Except King Berin has promoted her. PIT is so much quicker and easier to type. Besides, at age 42, I’m still my dad’s “Sonshine”.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | May 30, 2009

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