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Dungeon Dramas: Random Plot Hook

rsc01Welcome to Dungeon Dramas.  My ongoing series of plot hooks as developed by the random roll of my Story Cubes

Part of how I’m using these cubes for  my plot hook ideas is taking the meta-concepts of the pictographs instead of just the literal items.  For example, if I’m generating a D&D plot hook, I’m not going to have an airplane in the story.  I will use the plane for flight or traveling.

Today I rolled an airplane, a magnifying glass, a keyhole, a key, a magnet, a rustic bridge, a word ballon, scales, and a tree.

Here is today’s Dungeon Drama Plot Hook:

The party is traveling on their quest.  One of the nature deities (affiliated with the group or a local deity) decides to test the party, to measure them by the deity’s scale so to speak.  The deity speak directly to the party and gives them the task of helping the local residents cross the river without disrupting the natural balance.  If the deity determines the party has succeeded accomplishing this goal (s)he will unlock the means of accomplishing the next portion of their quest.

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  1. Those are fantastic — they remind me of a set of random NPC generating dice i had in college. Toss the dice and they’d create a chaotic evil gnome fighter with a surly dispossition. Or something else entirely. Unfortunately the lettering wore off them long ago, but they were great when I had them.

    These look equally cool! I wonder if they’ll have them at Origins…

    Comment by Ken Newquist | May 28, 2009

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