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Little Dutch Can… a Setting for Your Game?

LDC-logoI own my own business.  I run a redemption center in north central Iowa.  Iowa has a nickle deposit law on all carbonated and alcoholic beverage containers.  redeem the deposit on beverage containers for the consumer and then in turn sell those cans and bottles back to the vendors.  The consumer pays this deposit when buying the beverage.  After consuming the drink the customer then returns the can or bottle for the deposit back.  I run my business as a convenience for grocery stores to be able to keep the mess out of their stores.

That’s very interesting, Stev, but why are you writing about this and posting it on the network?  I’m glad you asked.  I have a constant stream of people in and out of my establishment.  Folks from all walks of life, all levels of the economic class have visited.  This is the type of setting that allows your characters access to rumors from the highs of society to the lowest levels.

Sure, your party can go to the tavern and get the low-down on what’s happening from the working stiffs but is your party going to get an invitation to “The Social Event of The Season” at the Tavern? Maybe.  However the upper-crust aren’t going to frequent the lower class’ watering hole.  Your PCs have a better chance of rubbing shoulders with all walks of society if you can find a setting used by all strata of society in your world.  They could find work at a business that everyone needs (like Little Dutch Can).

Having your PCs attend the local equivalent of a sporting event is another good idea for unexpected encounters with folks outside their normal class level.

Do you have an idea of a cross-class setting?  I’d like to hear it.

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