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Order of D30: Reasons for the Party to Actually Enter the Dungeon

 orderd30I am a proud member of the Order of the D30. I am not addicted to my D30 as some have claimed. I am however inspired by the sparkly green orb, other articles in the D30 series.
Reasons to Actually Enter the Dungeon
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You’ve just created the most awesome dungeon known to your campaign/world/universe. Your players are chomping at the bit to actually play it. You know it, they know it but why do the PCs need to head into the dungeon?

1. A Kendar has stolen the party’s shiny stuff and scampered in.
2. Killer Mimes are patrolling the path and the party takes shelter in the dungeon.
3. Becasue it’s there.
4. It’s raining and the entrance looks to ba a nice safe shelter to wait out the storm.
5. Clowns in the village! Take shelter in the dungeon. 
6. The dungeon is the only fordable pass through the (insert geogrpahic feature your party is currently traveling)
7. The Dragon has moved out.
8. The only tavern in the area is located inside.
9. The Tavern is actually the entrance to the dungeon but no one tells the party until it’s too late.
10. The only brothel in the area is located inside.
11. The Brothel is the entrance to the dungeon but no one tells the party until it’s too late.
12. Your stupid <insert party member here> thinks it’s the entrance to the tavern.
13. A powerful wizard has desguised the dungeon entrance to look like a tavern.
14. One of the Party fails a saving throw, he is now entranced and walks in. The rest of the party needs to save him.
15. Because it’s there.
16. A cute animal wanders in.  Your Druid follows it.
17. A child’s scream of terror echoes from within.  Your Lawful/Good characters race in.
18. The party is looking for the Hashbrow monster and is informed this is it’s lair.
19. The treasure your party is searching for is inside (I know that’s THE reason so I had to put it on the list at least once).
20. Your party was drunk.
21. Because it’s there.
22. The party hasn’t actually left the last dungeon.  Being outside was all an illusion.
23. Signs along the path (Only 3 miles until Dungeon Dave’s Famous Dungeon,  Only 2 miles…. etc.,) have intrigued the party.
24. The party runs into time traveling doppelgangers of themselves telling them about the ‘awesome’ treasure at the end of the dungeon.
25. The time traveling doppelgangers were actually demons tricking them inside.
26. Because it’s there.
27. Your party ran out of food.  You chase small game inside the dungeon.
28. We’re not playing Dairy Farms & Dragons.
29. Because it’s there.
30. Their god transported them there for reasons of his own.

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