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Order of the D30: Random Treasure?

orderd30You’ve heard the old adage one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  This D30 Random Table is for when your characters stop and search places at random.  Rather then tell them they find nothing, roll against this table.  Who knows it might be worth something to somebody.

1.  An old toupee that belonged to William Shatner.
2.  An old oil lamp.  Just an old lamp don’t read the inscription on the bottom though*
3.  An empty turtle shell.
4.  A non-functional staff of the Ori.
5.  A broken compass that doesn’t point north.  Just don’t read the inscription on the bottom*
6.  A book with blank pages.  Watch in fun as your PCs try to determine what’s magically inscribed on the pages.  Only you know there’s nothing.
7.  A silver disc inscribed with these strange words “Milli Vanilli’s Greatest Hits”
8.  It goes zipp when it moves, buzz when it stops and whirr when it stands still.  You’ll never know just what it is and I guess you never will.
9.  Ron Weasly’s broken wand.
10.  Luke Skywalker’s severed hand.
11.  Frodo’s toenail clippings.
12.  The Pooh-Blade.
13.  Gandalf’s grey robe.
14.  Strange blue, red, and white colored discs with the mystic words “Casino Royale” inscribed on them.
15.  Glowing green rocks.  Just don’t read the inscription on the bottom*
16.  A golden pair of dotted cubes attached together by a string.
17.  A bowl of Cheese Dip.
18.  What appears to be the hilt of a broken sword.  Just don’t read the inscription on the bottom*
19.  A small wooden device for transport across icy terrain, it is inscribed “Rosebud”.
20.  A pair of torn purple pants.
21.   A Golden Ticket with the magic word “Wonka” written on it.
22.  A smallish book shaped device.  There is a smiling sphere on the front and the spine reads “Megadodo Publications”
23.  A pair of women’s shoes, ruby-red in color.  Just don’t read the inscription on the bottom*
24.  A dog collar.  The tag reads “SD”
25.  A pile of lone socks.
26.  Some stuffed animals; a grey wolf, a sloth, and a bear inscribed with the word “Uncle”.
27.  A set of keys.  The label reads “Porkchop Express”.
28.  An Oscillation Overthruster.
29.  A Flux Capacitor
30.  A Watermelon

*Made in China

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