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Story Cubes: A Random Plot Generator

rsc01I came across these cubes when reading this post over at the Core Mechanic.  Tom’s article was a fascinating read, but I couldn’t help but notice the graphic.  The cubes intrigued me and I went to their site to see for myself.

What are story cubes? From The Creativity Hub: Can you can tell a story that begins with “Once upon a time…” using all 9 face-up images on the  dice? Rory‘s Story Cubes™ comes with nine six-sided dice for a total of 54 images, all packed into a portable pocket-sided box. Every roll results in one of over 10 million combinations for you to use as the starting point for a story or conversation. Rory’s Story Cubes™ is both a great family game and excellent teaching tool, with most fun to be had from ages 6 and up.

200917These cubes are marketed to teachers, educators, parents and other related professions as a way to promote creative thinking.  I wondered just how useful these were as a GM tool.  At 12.95 pounds (exchange rates vary), I decided to get a set for myself.  They arrived today.

These are high quality cubes.  Made of standard die material each of the images is embossed into the face of the cube.  PIT #3 (age 10) is completely fascinated by these cubes.  Even if I DON’T use them as a GM tool they were already worth the money spent.

Just as example I rolled the 9 dice.  I rolled a rainbow, footprint, flashlight, cane, evil shadow, magic wand, arrow, fish, and question mark.   OK that’s a random plot if I ever heard one.  Don’t believe me?

After the storm, the party followed tracks into a dark cave.  One of the magic users tripped and released his inner dark side.  After attacking the rest of the party he vanished into the dark recesses of the cavern.  The party was able to decipher runes on the wall and determined that the only cure was a rare fish that lived within the cave. 

The cubes ship from England but are worth the wait.  Two pointed ears for these GM tools.


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  1. Hot damn I gotta get me some o’those.

    Comment by greywulf | May 13, 2009

  2. Purchasing in 5… 4…

    Comment by satyre | May 13, 2009

  3. Hi Vulcan Stev,

    Rory here – of Rory’s Story Cubes. Thanks for the review. As a bit of an ex-gamer who looks at RPGs in shops, but doesn’t get to play them, I’m really interested in finding ways/excuses to use Rory’s Story Cubes for gaming.

    For those into narrative, I think a combination of Rory’s Story Cubes, and consent-decision making (see could create for some interesting gaming. I haven’t tried this yet but would be willing to write something up IF there was interest.

    Comment by Rory | May 13, 2009

  4. SCOOPED! Haha! I was planning on doing areview of these early next week. Yeah.. there are WAY cool… and tons of fun with your kids. My 5yr old and I have already had about 5 or 6 creativity sessions… he loves them.

    Comment by jonathan | May 14, 2009

  5. Hi, we sell these cubes in our shop they sell so fast and everyone who gets them comes back to get them for there friends. Great item and really good for the childrens language skills.
    Thanks Rory

    Comment by Mary Mc Aleer | December 18, 2009

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