Order of the D30: You Found What at the Side of the Road?

orderd30Today (April 22), I joined the Order of the D30. This is one of the series of articles that I started.  Each of these is the result of something my players have asked during the course of play that I no longer wanted to reply with standard stock answers.

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You Found What at the Side of the Road?

Now that I’ve run some games, I’ve noticed that I have members of my group who stop at random intervals along the road just to search.  I came up with this table to liven up these random stops. 

1. Pretty Flowers
2. An overturned cart
3. An overturned cart full of treasure
4. An overturned cart full of treasure and the Goblins are already scavenging (1d6 +1 Goblins).
5. 1 D10 pieces of gold
6. a trap that affects 1 d4 party members
7. a white rabbit who appears to be late for something.
8. nothing
9. what appears to be litter but is really a map if examined closely enough.
10. what appears to be a map but is really an advertisement for Gnome Meadows, a retirement community.
11. a defaced holy symbol.
12. you don’t know what it is, but your maiden aunt had one exactly like it.
13. a collection of random keys that will open something 1% of the time.
14. a pile of lone socks.  You’ve found the legendary place where socks disappear to from the laundry.
15. nothing
16. broken arrows
17. broken bones
18. It goes zip when it moves, buzz when it stops and whirr when it stands still.  You’ll never know just what it is and I guess you never will.
19. nothing
20. edible plants
21. samll animals eating plants
22. what WAS a well hidden Orc den. (1d6 -1 Orcs inside)
23. 1 precious stone
24. nothing
25. lots of colored glass beads
26. stock certificates for something called a Dawtkomm (worthless)
27. a trail of white pebbles heading off into the woods.
28. a compass that doesn’t point north
29. the hilt of a sword
30. roll again: this time the item is cursed for another roll of 30 then the item is not cursed but is instead blessed by your deity.


  1. #28- Where, if it is what I assume you are implying it is, does it point when you really want to know what it’s pointing at or why it is pointing that way?

    But seriously, you are addicted to your d30 now, aren’t you?

  2. Stev…

    Put down the d30 and back away slowly, and no one gets hurt….

  3. @McG – Addicted to my D30? maybe but what can I say? I was inspired by it.

    Re: the compass, up to the GM. 😎

    @Hank – No it’s mine. You can’t make me give it up…

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