Order of the D30: Weather Generator

I’ve had this in draft mode since I joined the Order of the D30 on April 22.   However, G. Kinslayer beat me to the punch on April 24th in a guest post at UncleBear.  Rather than scrap my list I’m acknowledging that great minds think alike.  Here’s the original article:

orderd30Today (April 22), I joined the Order of the D30.  Now that I am the proud owner of a D30 I need reasons to use it.  Towards that end I am writing up some d30 generators.  This is one of a series of articles that I’ve starting and the second one actually finished.  The complete list is as follows.  Links will be included once the listed post goes live.

Order of the D30 articles:
30 Reasons to Actually Enter the Dungeon
Weather Generator
Musical Acts in the Tavern
Random Monster Encounter
You Found What at the Side of the Road?

1. The sun is shining brightly not a cloud in the sky.
2. It is cloudy.
3. It is raining.
4. It is windy.
5. It is windy and raining.
6. It is cold.
7. It is cold and raining.
8. It is cold, windy and raining.
9. It is raining heavily.
10. It is raining heavily with lots of thunder and lightning, it is a dark and stormy night.
11. It is too cold to rain so instead it is snowing.
12. It is cold, windy and snowing.
13. It is too cold to snow, exposed skin is turning blue.
14. Hailstones are falling, big ones.
15. It is snowing out of season.  If you have more than two magic users in your group it is their fault.
16. It is an ice storm.
17. It is hot & muggy.  You would like it to rain or snow.
18. Whatever weather the party is prepared for, it is not doing that.
19. Whatever weather the party is prepared for it is doing that but enough of it is happening that the party wasn’t prepared for it.
20. The rain stops, out comes the sun and dries up all the rain.
21. It is hot.
22. It is humid.
23. It is hot and humid.
24. It is hot, humid, and the bugs are happy, you are not.
25. It is hot and dry.
26. It is hot, dry, and windy
27. The day starts off cold but is very warm before it is done.
28. The day starts off warm but is very cold before it is done.
29. The weather forecast was incorrect. 
30. Strange things are falling  just not rain or snow.  Roll another d30 for what.

Strange falling things.
1. Ash
2. Frogs
3. Fish
4. Skittles
5. Hail
6. Larger Hail
7. Deadly Hail
8. Leaves
9. Lizards
10. Baked goods
11. Pebbles
12. Small Stones
13. Rocks
14. Jewels
15. Gold coins
16. Locusts
17. Snakes
18. Kittens (on a successful initiative roll one adopts the party)
19. Puppies (on a successful initiative roll one adopts the party)
20. Kittens and Puppies
21. Arrows
22. Knives
23. Enchanted Arrows
24. Enchanted Knives
25. Nails
26. Hammers
27. Blood
28. Bloody Nails
29. Bloody Hammers
30. Pitchforks


  1. the second chart needs a “roll again twice and use both results.

    “its raining Skittles… AND BLOOD!”
    oh, I can see the look on their faces! : D

    Or maybe, “Its raining puppies, kittens, and snakes!”
    “What!?!?! Snakes?! Why?”
    “because that’s what the die tells me.”
    Should say excellent post. Can’t wait to be reading the next post!

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